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Haunted: The George and Dragon Hotel, Chester, Cheshire

| On 25, May 2017


The Haunted George and Dragon Hotel

1 Liverpool Road, Chester CH2 1AA

The George and Dragon pub is a Victorian building situated along the High Street not too far from Chester’s historical Northgate arch.

The black and white timber pub is said to be haunted by the spirits of Roman Legionnaires.

You see, the George and Dragon is located on an old Roman road which lead out from the north gate of the ancient Roman fortress at Chester.

Over the years, both the George and Dragon’s landlords and regulars have heard the eerie sounds of marching Roman legions echoing up from beneath the pub’s flooring.


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Lots of paranormal groups have investigated Jamaica Inn coming to the conclusion that the most active parts of the inn are the Smugglers Bar, the Restaurant, the Stable Bar and Bedroom 4.

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sound of a phantom coach and horses drawing up outside the inn in the middle of the night.

Visitors to Jamaica Inn have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man dressed in a cloak and a hat.

Apparently, he suddenly appears and then disappears through solid closed doors.

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