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Haunted: The George Hotel, Ashford, Kent

| On 16, May 2017

The Haunted George Hotel

68 High Street, Ashford TN24 8TB

Along Ashford’s High Street you’ll find an old 15th century coaching inn called the George Hotel.

A lot of paranormal activity has been reported to take place at the hotel by spooked members of staff and guests alike…

The hotel’s lights and TV sets mysteriously turn themselves on and off, items disappear, objects are flung through the air by an unseen presence and strange noises keep the guests awake at night!

A lot of this paranormal activity is blamed on the ghost of a young woman who’s believed to be a former chambermaid of the hotel from a couple of centuries ago.

Local legend says that she was brutally murdered by her lover when he discovered she was pregnant.

It’s said that he slit her throat and hanged her body up in the hotel’s cellar!

He was later found guilty of her murder and hanged for the crime.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young woman in the bar area at the back of the hotel.

The ghost of a cavalier was also once seen by a member of staff standing at one of the hotel’s attic windows.

And a guest who was staying in Room 3 was woken up in the middle of his first night stay by a ghostly figure who was rifling through his clothes that were hanging up in the room’s wardrobe!

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