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Haunted: The Golden Fleece, York, Yorkshire

| On 26, May 2017

The Haunted Golden Fleece

16 Pavement, York YO1 9UP

You’ll find the Golden Fleece located along the Pavement in the centre of the historic city of York.

The Grade II listed building you see today dates back to 1840 but a Golden Fleece has been on the spot since 1503.

If you’re a Most Haunted fan you may remember the gang investigated the pub in 2005.

With fifteen alleged ghosts said to haunt the premises, the Golden Fleece is said to be York’s most haunted pub.

The most commonly seen ghost at the inn is that of Lady Alice Peckett, the wife of John Peckett the former owner and Lord Mayor of York.

The ghost of a man called One Eyed Jack is also said to haunt the inn.

Witnesses describe him as being dressed in a 17th century red coat and carrying a pistol.

An upper room of the Golden Fleece is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy who was tragically trampled to death by horses in the Victorian times.

Ghostly apparitions of Roman soldiers have been seen in the pub’s cellars.

In 1945 a drunken Canadian airman called Geoff Monroe fell from an upper window of the Golden Fleece and broke his neck!

His ghost is now said to haunt the Room 4 from which he fell.

Frightened guests have awoken in the middle of the night to find his ghostly apparition standing over them.

They describe him as being dressed in his uniform and having an icy touch!

An apparition of a man dressed in 17th century clothing was witnessed by many people during a ghost hunt in 2002.

His ghost walked straight through the wall of the front of the bar and across the corridor into the Shambles bar.

Phantom footsteps have been heard running along the inn’s corridors and walking about the Lady Peckett’s Dining Room.

Spooked guests have also reported having their bedclothes pulled off them in the middle of the night and having their clothes thrown on the floor by someone unknown!

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