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Haunted: The Gordon House Hotel, Rochester, Kent

| On 17, May 2017


The Haunted Gordon House Hotel

91 High Street, Rochester ME1 1LX

Along Rochester High Street you’ll come across a splendid looking 17th century redbrick building called the Gordon House Hotel.

The hotel is named after the famous General Gordon who was killed in Khartoum, Sudan in 1885.

The Gordon House has a reputation for being haunted…

Members of staff have reported hearing pots and pans rattling on their own accord.

And seeing a shower mysteriously turning itself on and off!

One night a shocked female guest staying at the hotel witnessed the ghostly apparition of a lady in a long Victorian dress appear at the bottom of the hotel’s main staircase.

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FEATURED HAUNTED HOTEL: The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

To the rear of the Black Boy there was once a convent which probably accounts for the many sightings of a ghostly nun seen walking through the building.

Many guests have heard the sound of a phantom child crying in one of the inn’s bedrooms.

Apparently, if you ask whether the child is OK it stops crying!

Members of staff and punters alike have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a man sitting in the bar area of the pub just watching people.

And a senior member of staff was certain they saw a ghostly apparition of a woman in the bar area when they were working late one night.

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