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Haunted: Gun Hill, Southwold, Suffolk

Haunted: Gun Hill, Southwold, Suffolk

| On 26, Jun 2017


The Ghosts of Gun Hill

If you visit Southwold you’ll see that there are six cannons on Gun Hill.

These cannons are there to commemorate the Battle of Sole Bay.

They were regularly fired on special occasions until tragedy occurred one day when a young solider had his head blown off by a misfiring cannon!

And it’s now said that the young soldier haunts Gun Hill.

You see, his ghostly figure is often seen looking out to sea whilst standing next to one of the old cannons!

Another ghost has been witnessed walking along the path from Gun Hill heading towards the sea.

Apparently the ghostly apparition was of a beautiful elegant woman.

Two local men saw her and followed the spooky figure to the harbour where they discovered a capsized boat and a sailor struggling in the water.

The local men heroically saved the drowning sailor but the mysterious woman had disappeared into thin air!

Since then her ghostly figure is often witnessed in Southwold.

Witnesses say she always wears a shawl covering her head.

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