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Haunted: The Hertford House Hotel, Hertford, Hertfordshire

| On 15, May 2017

The Haunted Hertford House Hotel

1 Fore Street, Hertford SG14 1DA

There’s a grand looking building along Fore Street called the Hertford House Hotel.

This building hasn’t always been a hotel…

In fact, for many years it was the premises of the Hertfordshire Mercury.

And it was during this time that a lot of paranormal events were reported to take place within the building by terrified members of staff.

One night one of the members of staff was working late alone in the building when suddenly the lights in the office started to flicker on and off.

He then heard the handle of the office door moving so he turned around to get a better look only to find the door handle moving up and down on its own accord.

He thought someone was playing a trick on him so he searched the building but discover that he was the only one working late that night.

As he returned to his desk the office lights went totally out.

And for a moment he was left in total pitch darkness before they came back on again.

Again, the door handle started to move up and down on its own accord.

This was all too much for his nerves and he decided to go home.

One Sunday another member of staff was locking up when he suddenly heard a door slamming shut somewhere in the building.

Thinking that the building was in the progress of being burgled he dial 999.

A police dog handler quickly arrived with a large German Shepherd Dog.

The officer sent the dog into the cellar and shut the door behind him…

A few moments later the dog was scratching at the door trying to get out.

The policeman opened the door and the dog shot out like a rocket with its hackles raised!

The pair searched the remainder of the building but didn’t find any burglars.

They came across one office which had a bunch of keys in the door which were swinging wildly as though someone had just entered it…

The officer rushed into the office ready for action only to find that the room was totally empty!

There are a couple of theories to who haunts the building…

One is the spirit of a machine operator who died on the premises in the area where the offices were located.

In fact, one terrified member of staff actually witnesses the ghostly apparition of a man walk through an office wall here.

The other spirit is of a maid who was said to have been murdered by a butler in the house many years ago.

She’s said to haunt the cellar!

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