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Haunted: Hitchin Priory, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

| On 15, May 2017

The Haunted Hitchin Priory

Tilehouse Street, Hitchin SG5 2DL

Just off Tilehouse Street in Hitchin you’ll find the 14th century Hitchin Priory.

Originally, a Carmelite Monastery dating back to 1317 was sited at Hitchin Priory.

But it was rebuilt in the Georgian era as a private home.

The prior was the Delmay-Radcliffe family home for over four hundred years.

Today the prior is used to host events such as weddings and seminars.

Hitchin Priory has a reputation for being haunted…

In the winter of 1973 some local boys were on a school trip to the prior which included a stay overnight.

In the late evening the boys were walking along a corridor on their way back to their dormitory when they suddenly witnessed a misty figure in front of them exit the corridor’s right wall, cross the corridor and then disappear through the opposite wall.

The boys naturally fled in terror!

One night in the 1980s the caretaker was doing his rounds and checking the building…

He entered the boy’s wing on the top floor when he noticed that the temperature around him had plummeted.

He turned around and saw a ghostly apparition of a woman floating above the stairs at end of the corridor.

Apparently she was wearing a short sleeved blouse and a pearl necklace.

The ghostly encounter terrified the poor caretaker so much that he never patrolled that corridor on his own again.

This ghostly apparition is known as the Grey Lady!

Some people feel that the Grey Lady is the lover of another ghost who’s been witnessed at the priory called Goring.

Goring was a Cavalier during the English Civil War who was visiting his sweetheart at Highdown House in the nearby village of Pirton when he was surprised by a troop of Parliamentarians.

He fled the house and hid in a hollow elm tree in the garden but the Parliamentarians found him and killed him on the spot.

It’s said his sweetheart witnessed the ruthless murder from an upstairs window and later collapsed and died from shock.

It’s believed that Goring was going to head for sanctuary at Hitchin Priory before he was murdered.

And that’s why his headless ghost is witnessed every 15th June riding towards Hitchin Priory!

Security guards at Hitchin Priory have reported seeing many ghostly apparitions within the building…

They often report hearing the sound of eerie talking coming from one of the empty rooms.

Ghostly monk-like figures are often seen at the prior.

On one night a security guard entered a room only to be confronted by a group of men wearing old-fashioned clothes playing cards.

He exited the room and called for backup.

Re-entering the room with his colleague they found the ghostly men had totally disappeared into thin air!

Terrified members of staff have also witnessed ghostly goings-on in the grounds of the priory.

A night porter once reported seeing a phantom coach and horses draw up at the back of the building.

The apparition of the Grey Lady is often seen in the grounds wandering around too!

Some members of staff have also seen and heard Roman soldiers marching through the prior’s grounds.

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