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Haunted: The Holytrees Museum, Colchester, Essex

Haunted: The Holytrees Museum, Colchester, Essex

| On 21, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Holytrees Museum

You’ll find Holytrees Museum next to Colchester Castle.

The Hollytrees Museum is situated in a huge stunning brick 18th century house.

In the museum hangs a portrait of Miss Anne Lisle.

People have presumed that she’s the ghost that haunts the museum because some people have reported feeling an eerie presence behind them when viewing her portrait.

The ghost of Hollytrees Museum is called the White Lady.

Phantom footsteps are often heard running in or near the museum’s gun room by spooked witnesses.

On one occasion a strong smell of old fashioned perfumed lingered in the gun room for days on end.

In the costume room a little girl visiting the museum got upset because she didn’t like the look of the strange lady standing next to her daddy…

Nobody else in the room could see the strange lady!

Other visitors have reported severe temperature drops in the museum.

On some occasions guests have remarked on the beautiful piano music being played in the building…

There’s no piano in the museum!

Not everybody thinks the ghost at the museum is that of Anne Lisle.

Some shocked witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a nun.

Others have seen an apparition of a woman in a brown dress.

It’s said that she’s a murder victim from the 18th century.

If you’re ever in the gardens at the back of the museum at twilight, take a look up at the windows…

As some people have reported seeing eerie faces looking down at them!

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