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3 Haunted Hospitals in Essex

3 Haunted Hospitals in Essex

| On 10, Sep 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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Essex County Hospital, Colchester

Essex County Hospital is located on Lexden Road in Colchester.

The archdeacon of Colchester, Joseph Jefferson was instrumental in the opening of the hospital in 1818.

The Essex and Colchester hospital, as it was known then, was set up to help the poor of Colchester and the surrounding area.

It was run as a voluntary hospital until 1948 when it became part of the National Health Service.

One of the ex-patients of the hospital recalls a ghostly incident which once happened to him at the Essex County Hospital.

As a child he was recuperating in the children’s ward of the hospital when one evening he was visited by a pleasant nun.

She generously offered him a toffee to eat.

And, like most children would, he happily accepted the gift and started to chew the toffee.

To his utter shock, the kindly nun then suddenly disappeared into thin air right in front of him!


Rochford Maternity Hospital, Rochford

Rochford once had a maternity hospital.

Unfortunately most of the old hospital has now been demolished with new housing being built on the site.

A small saving grace was that a new Rochford hospital was built in 2009 to treat patients with mental health issues in a small area of the old hospital’s grounds.

The old hospital was said to have a residential ghost.

Back in 1923 shocked nurses started to witness a ghostly apparition of a nurse in an old style uniform walking up and down the corridors of the old hospital late at night.

The ghost was nicknamed Matilda by the hospital’s nurses.

And on some occasion…

The patients even reported that they’ve spoken to her but had got no reply!


Severalls Hospital, Colchester

Severalls Hospital was an Edwardian Queen Anne style psychiatric hospital that was opened in 1913 in Colchester.

The Severalls site was quite large, it covered 300 acres and the hospital could accommodate up to 2000 patients!

The hospital closed in the early 1990s.

And since then, sadly the Severalls site has suffered badly from vandalism resulting in it being fenced off to the public.

If you search for Severalls Hospital online you’ll find some very spooky photos taken by urban explorers of the hospital’s buildings in a bad state…

The funny thing is, the comments which I have read from ex-nurses who were employed at Severalls all say what a great place it was to work and not at all eerie!

In the 1960s two of Severalls gardeners saw a couple of shadowy featureless characters working in the garden on a wet rainy afternoon.

Thinking these characters looked suspicious they went to confront them.

When approaching the spooky figures they got the shock of their lives when they simply vanished into thin air right in front of their very eyes!

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