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3 Haunted Hotels in Chester

| On 02, Sep 2017


The George and Dragon Hotel, Chester

The George and Dragon pub is a Victorian building situated along the High Street not too far from Chester’s historical Northgate arch.

The black and white timber pub is said to be haunted by the spirits of Roman Legionnaires.

You see, the George and Dragon is located on an old Roman road which lead out from the north gate of the ancient Roman fortress at Chester.

Over the years, both the George and Dragon’s landlords and regulars have heard the eerie sounds of marching Roman legions echoing up from beneath the pub’s flooring.

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The Queen Hotel, Chester

You’ll find the Queen Hotel on the corner of City Road and Station Road in the Cheshire historic city of Chester.

The Italianate Grade II listed building dates back to 1860 when it was originally built for first-class railway travellers.

Over the years the hotel has gained a reputation for being haunted.

The Queen Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

She’s said to haunt the area of a former nursery which was once situated on the second floor of the hotel.

Women guests have reported the little girl ghost has sneaked up behind them and pulled their hair before making her escape!

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The Pied Bull Hotel, Chester

The Pied Bull Hotel is located along Chester’s Northgate Street.

The Grade II* listed building started life out as a coaching inn back in the 11th century.

It’s one of the oldest pubs in Chester which is one of the oldest cities in the UK and probably one of the most haunted too!

The cellar at the Pied Bull Hotel is said to be haunted by a cellar man called John Davies from 1609.

He fell down the cellar steps and tragically died…

The cellar is said to be so active that some of the members of staff refuse to go down in the cellar alone!

Two bedrooms at the Pied Bull Hotel are also said to be haunted by chambermaids from the past.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Whines and Spirits with Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell, you may remember that they investigated the Pied Bull Hotel.

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