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3 Haunted Hotels in Brighton

| On 02, Nov 2016

The Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel is located in Brighton’s historic Regency Square.

The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a cobbler’s disabled daughter…

It’s thought that the family lived in the upstairs part of the building about a century ago.

Apparently the girl fell out of the upstairs window and tragically died.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen falling from the upstairs window and disappearing into thin air by shocked witnesses.

The strange thing is…

The window has been bricked up for many years!

The disabled girl isn’t the only ghost who’s believed to haunt the hotel…

Members of staff and guests alike have witnessed the ghostly apparition of a slim, tall, grey haired lady who disappears through walls.

Some say she’s Victorian whilst others believe she’s from the 1930s!

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The Royal Albion Hotel

Opposite Brighton Pier you’ll find the historic Grade II* Royal Albion Hotel.

Paranormal activity has been reported at the hotel…

Doors open and close on their own accord, the hotel’s lifts descend and ascend when nobody is in them and guests have reported sudden temperature drops.

Many believe that the hotel is haunted by the businessman and philanthropist Sir Harry Preston who owned the hotel in 1913.

His ghostly apparition is often seen on a Sunday near the Sir Harry Preston Function Room.

Witnesses describe him as wearing a smart bowler hat!

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The Brighton Metropole Hotel

You’ll find the Brighton Metropole Hotel situated along King’s Road in Brighton.

The hotel was designed by the well-known Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse in 1890.

He’s best known for designing the Natural History Museum, Manchester Town Hall and University College London.

The Brighton Metropole Hotel has some ghostly tales to tell…

Spooked members of staff and guests alike have reported hearing a phantom baby crying somewhere in the hotel.

When staff members go to investigate they can never find the baby!

On one occasion in 2000 a staff member saw an old man in the hotel and thinking he was a guest started to talk to him.

After the conversation, he discovered that he was in fact the ghost of a man who died years previously.

On another occasion both the night manager and one of the hotel’s cleaners saw the glass beads hanging from the wall lamps start to swing on their own accord for no apparent reason!

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