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3 Haunted Hotels in Suffolk

3 Haunted Hotels in Suffolk

| On 19, Feb 2014

The Swan Hotel, Lavenham

The medieval Swan Hotel in the heart of Lavenham is an old coaching inn which is believed to date back to the 1400s.

And yes, it’s believed to be haunted…

A former housekeeper from the 19th century when the Swan was a coaching inn is said to haunt the hotel.

In particular Room 15!

Local legend says she committed suicide in the Swan.

But there are two stories as to why…

The first story is that she fell pregnant out-of-wedlock.

The father of the unborn child agreed to do the decent thing and marry her.

But when the wedding day came, he got cold feet and left the pregnant bride at the altar.

After this heartbreak and humiliation she became very depressed.

She hung herself in her quarters.

Today, the housekeeper’s quarters are now Room 15!

The second story tells that she was hoping to get a promotion whilst working at the inn but got overlooked for another worker.

This rejection sent her into a deep depression resulting in her committing suicide in Room 15 of the hotel.

Room 15 is said to be so haunted that members of staff don’t like to go in it alone!

It’s said that her ghostly apparition scared witless a poor security guard who was checking the building over in the early hours of one morning.

It’s not only the members of staff of the Swan who have witnessed her ghostly spirit…

Several guests to the hotel have reported seeing her apparition in the middle of the night standing in their room…

Yep, it was again Room 15!

On one occasion, a nun was sleeping in Room 15 and was woken in the middle of the night by the ghostly apparition of the housekeeper tickling her feet.

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The Bull, Long Melford

The Bull Hotel, Long Melford

Along Hall Street in Long Melford there’s a lovely old timbered building called the Bull Hotel…

Well, the Bull is well known locally for being haunted!

The Grade II* listed hotel is an old Tudor building which dates back to 1450.

It was first built as a dwelling for one of Long Melford’s wealthy wool merchants.

In 1580 it was converted into The Bull Inn and opened to the paying public.

Inside the Bull Hotel there’s a fantastic feature…

An ancient beam which has an image of the mysterious Wildman or Woodman!

This decoration was common place in the Middle Ages as it was believed to ward off evil spirits.

The Bull Hotel is said to be haunted by a guy called Richard Evered who came a cropper at the inn.

He was violently murdered in the hotel back in 1648.

He was stabbed to death during a very heated argument about politics with a bloke called Roger Greene.

Roger Greene was quickly arrested, tried and executed for the murder.

The weird thing about this murder story is that Richard Evered never had a proper burial…

You see, his dead body was laid in a side room after the murder.

But when his relatives came to collect him… his body had totally disappeared!

Today, Richard Evered ghost is said to haunt Room 4 and the hallways of the Bull Hotel.

Sudden severe temperature drops, objects being moved on their own accord, phantom footsteps and strange banging noises are the paranormal activities which are been reported by terrified members of staff and guests alike at the Bull Hotel.

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The Mill Hotel, Sudbury, Suffolk

The Mill Hotel, Sudbury

Along Walnut Tree Lane in Sudbury there’s an old water mill which has now been converted into a rather nice hotel.

It’s believed that a mill has stood on this site on the river for at least a thousand years.

The older parts of the present day Mill Hotel are believed to date back to the early 19th century.

And it’s probably from this century in which the mill ghost comes from…

A ghostly apparition of a lady has been witnessed in the older parts of the Mill Hotel.

It’s believed that the ghost is that of a lady who once tragically drowned beneath the water wheel of the mill.

It’s said that the ghost has spooked the hotel’s members of staff once too often that they now don’t like to be alone in the older parts of the mill!

You’ll find that the mill ghost isn’t the only eerie thing about the hotel…

You see, displayed beneath the floor of the Mill Hotel is the rather disturbing mummified remains of a cat!

In days gone by, cats were often bricked up in building to bring good luck.

And the water mill in Sudbury wasn’t spared from this tradition when it was built.

In 1971, when the water mill was converted into the Mill Hotel the remains of a mummified cat were discovered bricked up in the building.

The remains of the cat was removed from the building and strangely sold to a nearby shop…

That shop burnt down and the hotel had a run of bad luck shortly after the cat was removed from the building!

Today, you’ll be happy to know, the mummified moggy has been returned to the mill and all is peaceful again at the hotel.

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