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Discover the Ghosts of Haunted Ipswich

Discover the Ghosts of Haunted Ipswich

| On 20, Jun 2014



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Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and it’s believed to be one of the oldest town’s in England…

You’ll find it’s absolutely stacked in history!

It’s located in the south of the county on the estuary of the River Orwell.

It’s believed that there were settlements in the Ipswich area as far back as the Roman times.

But Ipswich really became prominent in the Anglo-Saxon era of the 7th and 8th centuries.

Archaeologists have discovered lots of Anglo-Saxon finds both in and around the Ipswich area!

Thomas Gainsborough, Charles Dickens and Lord Nelson are just some of the historical figures who have lived and worked in Ipswich.

With so much history, it probably won’t come as too much of a great surprise to you to discover that Ipswich has loads of ghostly tales to tell.

Here’s just a few which I like…


Ancient House, Ipswich, Suffolk

The Buttermarket

Along the Buttermarket thoroughfare on the corner of St Stephen’s Lane is a magnificent 15th century building called Ancient House…

It’s also known as Sparrowes House as it was in the ownership of the Sparrowes family for well over 300 years.

The Grade I listed building is said to be haunted by a ghost of a grey lady!

Along St Stephen’s Lane you’ll find St Stephen’s Church…

The 15th century church was sadly abandoned for many years but it’s now been renovated and is home to Ipswich’s Tourist Information Centre.

The members of staff at the Tourist Information Centre have quickly discovered that they’re not alone in the church.

Ghostly apparitions of two elderly ladies have been witnessed in the area where the church’s organ once stood!

It’s believed the apparitions are of two old ladies who were once devoted to the upkeep of the church shortly before it was closed due to its small congregation.

The ghostly pair has now been nicknamed… the Organists!

Opposite St Stephen’s Church you’ll find the Buttermarket shopping centre…

The centre was built over an Anglo-Saxon graveyard, the foundations of many medieval houses and the Carmelite White Priory.

So it probably won’t be too much of a surprise to tell you that the CCTV system in the underground car park beneath the shopping centre has captured unexplained ghostly shadows moving around the place!

Before the shopping centre was constructed there was Cowells department store and Cowells printers.

At both buildings terrified witnesses reported seeing the ghostly apparition of an old monk.

At the rear of the Buttermarket shopping centre there’s emergency exit doors which leads out into an alleyway…

Well, along this alleyway many spooked witnesses have reported seeing an apparition of a man running towards them only to vanish into thin air right in front of their very eyes!


Great White Horse Hotel

Ipswich Haunted Pubs

A lot of the old pubs in Ipswich are said to be haunted…

In Northgate Street there’s an Irish theme pub which at one time was known as the Halberd Inn.

It’s said that if you place your ear to the pub’s walls you can hear the sound of a human heart beating!

Phantom footsteps, eerie shadows, unexplained smashed glasses and heavy beer barrels being mysteriously moved are just some of the paranormal activity to be reported from the pub.

Locals say that the spirit of a monk who was murdered in the pub now haunts it today.

The ghostly face of a woman has been seen by terrified witnesses looking down from one of the bedrooms at the Crown Hotel in Felixstowe Road.

Within the pub, people have reported a heavy wardrobe falling over on its own accord plus eerie banging sounds and the spooky sound of a phantom piano playing.

Many years ago in the 1920s, there apparently was a bad fire at the famous Great White Horse Hotel in which a lady called Flossie Fluyd was tragically killed.

Her ghostly apparition is often seen by scared witnesses in Room 305 where she disappears through the room’s wall.

Guests staying in Room 209 often complained about the people in the upstairs room to them dragging heavy furniture across the floor in the middle of the night…

The eerie thing is, a fire destroyed the room above 209 and all that’s there today is the roof of the building!

The former theatre in Tower Street is now a pub called the Rep Bar…

A ghostly apparition of an old man wearing a coat and hat is often seen in the building.

The ghost has been nickname Alfred!

There’s an old 16th century smuggler’s pub called the Woolpack Inn situated in Tuddenham Road…

A spirit called Old Grog who’s believed to be the ghost of Admiral Vernon is said to haunt the pub.

The Admiral is not the only ghost to haunt the old inn.

The pub’s chief got the fright of his life one night when he witnessed a grey shadow walk through his bedroom!

The cellar and the upstairs to the County of Suffolk pub in St Helen’s Street is said to be haunted…

Which is no surprise really as opposite was once the site for public hangings!

Both the Lord Nelson Pub and the Old Neptune Inn in Fore Street are rumoured to be haunted…

The 17th century Lord Nelson is said to be haunted by the spirit of a small child.

Whilst the Old Neptune Inn, which today is a private house, is said to be haunted by an old sea captain!

Ghostly apparitions of a little girl, a monk and a cat have all been witnessed in the building which is now Bar IV in St Peter’s Street.


Eagle Street

In Eagle Street there’s a double-fronted shop which since the 1930s has been plagued by poltergeist activity…

The first owners ran a family based restaurant from the property but after a couple of months they left due to the poltergeist activity.

You see, cutlery and plates would regularly be flung about the place by an unknown entity!

The next people to take the least of the shop had an exorcism performed in the building.

Unfortunately that didn’t work and they had to close the shop due to the poltergeist activity.

Another Café was opened by a family from London but they didn’t last too long either after the café’s tables moved across the floor on their own accord one afternoon…

This happened in front of their stunned paying customers!


Christchurch Mansion

Christchurch Mansion

Situated in Ipswich’s Christchurch Park is the splendid Christchurch Mansion…

Today, this Grade I listed Tudor mansion is a museum which is well known for its collection of Constable and Gainsborough paintings.

But the collection of art isn’t the only things from the past which are resident in this old house…

There are few ghosts too!

In the upstairs picture gallery many amused witnesses have described seeing a ghostly apparition of a young happy Edwardian lady dancing and laughing with a couple of young children.

Downstairs in the mansion, shocked witnesses have seen an apparition of a grey lady in a full length gown swishing pass them.

The mansion is also reported to be haunted by a young servant girl who was said to have died in mysterious circumstances!


Ipswich Haunted Restaurant

In St Nicholas Street there’s a restaurant which was once funnily enough called Spooks…

Because the building was believed to be haunted, the owners had created it into a paranormal themed restaurant!

Members of staff and visitors alike had been scared witless but seeing the ghostly apparition of Sylvia in the downstairs part of the building…

The scary thing about Sylvia was that it was only her top half of her body which manifested.

She also often got blamed for jamming shut the door of the ladies toilet!

The upstairs of the restaurant was also said to be haunted…

It was said that a depressed dwarf had committed suicide by hanging himself in the building.

Terrified members of staff have witnessed glasses hovering in mid-air before falling and smashing on the floor!

The unhappy spirit of the suicidal dwarf is believed to be the culprit.


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