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Haunted: The Kings Arms, Arundel, West Sussex

| On 13, Aug 2017

ACKERGILL TOWER CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The main ghost witnessed at the Ackergill Tower Castle is that of Helen Gunn.

Witnesses describe her ghost as a Green Lady or as a lady with black hair in a long red ball gown!

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The Haunting of the Kings Arms

One night in the 1990s the then landlady was suddenly awoken by the eerie sensation that something was rubbing against her leg.

When she looked towards the end of her bed she saw a small hunched monochrome figure.

In the darkness of her bedroom she couldn’t tell whether the ghostly figure was male or female.

After a while it just disappeared into thin air!

Other paranormal activities have been reported to have taken place within the Kings Arms.

Glasses and trays moving by their own accord and light switches turning themselves on and off are just some of the strange events said to have taken place within the pub!

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