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Haunted: The Knife and Cleaver, Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire

| On 14, May 2017

The Haunted Knife and Cleaver

The Grove, Houghton Conquest MK45 3LA

In the village of Houghton Conquest along the Grove and opposite the church you’ll find the 17th century Knife and Cleaver pub.

Now the Knife and Cleaver has a reputation for being haunted by both a male and female ghost.

The most infamous paranormal story to come out of the pub was when a young barman got the shock of his life when he witnessed the pages of the booking dairy turn over on their own accord.

And then to cap things off… he saw a ghostly hand appear over his shoulder!

It’s said that the most paranormally active rooms of the Knife and Cleaver are the attic, the kitchen and the bar.

Terrified witnesses have even reported seeing ghostly shadowy figures behind and around the bar area.