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Haunted: The Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford, Berkshire

| On 27, May 2017

The Haunted Littlecote House Hotel

B4192, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0SU

Littlecote House in Hungerford is a massive Elizabethan country house and estate which dates back to the 13th century.

It’s said to be the third most haunted building in England with a claim of over twenty ghosts!

Littlecote House is infamous for its ghost of a black dog which appears on the Jerusalem staircase.

Members of staff and guests alike have often tried to pat the phantom dog only to be shocked when their hand goes straight through him.

Mother Barnes was a 16th century midwife. She’s said to haunt the room in which a woman rocking a baby has been witnessed.

One of the members of staff at Littlecote House witnessed a ghostly apparition of a lady in a blue gown on the staircase…

The ghost walked straight through a rope guarding the staircase!

Another ghostly apparition seen walking the corridors of the house is that of the woman in pink.

She’s seen carrying a new born baby which is said to have been murdered by its father Wild Will Darrell…

It’s said he threw it into a roaring fire just after it was born!

The ghostly screams heard throughout the house at night are said to belong to the distort mother of the murdered child.

Shortly after this horrific deed, Wild Will Darrell was thrown from his horse and killed.

The spot where he died in the park is said to be haunted by his wicked ghost.

Now Littlecote House and estate is built on a former Roman settlement…

A phantom legion of Roman soldiers has been witnessed marching through the park grounds!

Roman centurions are not the only ghostly soldiers to have been witnessed at Littlecote House.

It’s said that apparitions of Cromwellian troops have also been seen.

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