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Haunted: The Lollards Pit, Norwich, Norfolk

| On 30, Jun 2017

The Hauntings at the Lollards Pit

If you thought that a pub being situated on the site of an old leper house was bad enough…

Then you’ll probably find that a pub being located on an execution spot quite shocking!

The Lollards Pit pub on Riverside Road is located on a spot where 15th and 16th century heretics where burnt to death.

The Lollards were individuals who called for the reform of the Catholic Church.

And for their beliefs they were burnt to death in an old disused chalk pit…

Hence the pub’s name!

It’s now said that eerie ghostly screams are heard in the pub late at night.

And terrified witnesses have seen ghostly black figures in the pub’s corridor.

On one occasion, a shocking apparition of a woman engulfed in flames was seen before she quickly vanished into thin air!

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THE BELL HOTEL: One of the Most Haunted Places in Norfolk!

The 15th century Grade II listed Bell Hotel on the corner of King Street and Bridge Street in Thetford is said to have the odd ghosts or two rattling around it.

The Bell Hotel is just a five minute walk away from the priory ruins in Thetford.

So you probably won’t be too surprised if I told you that one of the ghosts said to haunt the hotel is that of a hooded monk!

He’s often been witnessed in the main suite bedroom of the Bell.

But, this ghostly apparition isn’t the only one to be seen in this old 15th century hotel…

Elizabeth Radcliffe, or Betty as the locals like to call her, is said to haunt the Bell Hotel too.

She was a former landlady of the Bell who’s believed to have been viciously murdered by her lover in 1750.

She’s said to haunt room 10 and 12 in the hotel.

But strangely, she appears to terrified guests as a younger teenage version of herself.

And nobody really knows why!

The following paranormal activity has all been reported at the hotel…

The unexplainable smell of perfume, the sudden appearance of icy breath, the sound of phantom footsteps and the feeling of being watched!

Other ghostly apparitions which have been reported in the Bell include a pet dog lying in front of what would have been the old original fireplace in the bar and a pair of old-fashioned suede boots hanging through the pub’s ceiling.

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