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Haunted: The Lord Crewe Arms Hotel, Blanchard, Northumberland

| On 11, Jun 2017

The Haunted Lord Crewe Arms Hotel

The Square, Blanchland DH8 9SP

You’ll find the Lord Crewe Arms Hotel located in the Square in the Northumberland village of Blanchard.

The Grade II* listed building dates back to 1165 when it was probably used as an abbot’s lodge, guest house and kitchen.

The building was used as a hiding hole for the monks of the nearby Blanchland Abbey for centuries.

It’s named after Lord Crewe the Bishop of Durham.

And is reputed to be haunted…

The most infamous ghost of the hotel is that of Dorothy Foster.

Her brother Tom became a commander of the Jacobite forces during the uprising in 1715.

With no military experience he surrendered to the government army at Preston without a shot being fired.

He was charged with high treason and imprisoned at Newgate Prison where he awaited his day in court.

With the help of his sister Dorothy he managed to escape to the Lord Crewe Arms where he hid in a priest’s hole behind the fireplace before being smuggled out of the country to France.

It’s now said that Dorothy’s ghost haunts the Bamburgh Room at the hotel.

Apparently, she appears before guests because she wants them to take a message to her brother in France saying all is well now in England and it’s safe to return!

In the late 1990s an American woman was staying in the hotel’s Radcliffe Room.

One night she woke up to find a ghostly apparition of a monk in a white habit kneeling at the bottom of her bed.

When she reached out and touched him she found him to be very solid.

She was then shocked to see him disappear into thin air right in front of her eyes!

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