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Haunted Places in Lowestoft

Haunted Places in Lowestoft

| On 25, Jun 2017

The Hauntings of Lowestoft

It’s safe to say that Lowestoft has one hell of a haunted High Street…

A ghostly apparition of a grey lady has been witnessed in the cellars of 35 and 36 High Street.

In 1974, at 55 High Street, an apparition of a lady in a long dress and mob cap was seen to climb the stairs to the second floor of the building by startled builders.

This sighting was in the middle of the day.

Later in the afternoon, the property owner got the shock of his life when he ran into the ghostly lady too!

In the 1960s, a man passed a ghostly apparition of a lady in period dress on the stairs in one of the shops along the High Street…

Could this be the same female ghost from 55 High Street?

I’ll let you make your mind up on that one!

In 2002, there was a news story about the landlord of the Royal Falcon Hotel located at the end of the High Street who apparently tried to get insurance against damages caused by a poltergeist…

The noisy ghost was said to move the pub’s furniture and smash glasses in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the poor landlord was successful in getting his insurance!

Just along the High Street from the Royal Falcon Hotel is the Sergeant Pepper’s Restaurant…

There’s a ghost nicknamed George who likes to hang around the dinner’s ladies toilets.

He’s said to pinch the bottoms of shocked young ladies who have visited the loo!

Just off the High Street is Mariners Score which is believed to be the site of the former St Bartholomew’s Priory.

This road and its building are said to be haunted by a phantom hooded figure.

Some say the ghostly apparition is of a monk but other witnesses say it’s a woman!

In 1976, a ghostly apparition of a monk was seen by terrified witnesses in the Old Blue Anchor pub at the other end of the High Street.

The phantom monk was seen in one of the pub’s bedrooms.

The witness described the temperature of the bedroom suddenly dropping with a blast of cold air before the ghostly monk appeared!

Just off the High Street is Rant Score which was home to the former Birds Eye Foods building…

In the 1970s, a couple of kitchen workers were scared out of their lives when they witnessed a ghostly figure walk across the room and vanish through a wall.

Poltergeist activity had been reported at the building in the past with boxes of fish being moved by unseen hands.

Locals say that this area was rumoured to be haunted long before Birds Eye set up shop.

The funny thing is…

No one really knows who exactly the ghostly figure was!

At the North Quay in the 1920s two fellow workers fell out over a drunken game of cards.

Edward Rollahide lost his rag and swung an axe at his fellow worker George Turner.

Unfortunately, Edward lost his balance and ended up in a large pool of wet cement where he tragically drowned.

His body was never recovered but his ghostly apparition is often seen in the area… dripping in wet cement!

There’s a local story about a drunken sailor who tried to impress his girlfriend by walking on the handrail of the town’s bridge.

Yep, you’ve guessed it… he fell in the water and drowned!

Locals now say that on a quite night you can hear his ghostly cries for help coming from under the bridge.

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