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Haunted: The Manor Farmhouse, Wilden, Bedfordshire

| On 17, Jul 2017


The Hauntings at Manor Farmhouse

The derelict Grade II listed Manor Farmhouse in the village of Wilden has a reputation for being haunted…

Terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a woman walking in the 17th century building.

Eerie screams have also been heard at the property in the middle of the night.

Many believe that these ghostly screams are from the ghost of a horse rider who was killed after being thrown from their horse into a ditch!

Scared locals have also witnessed stones being flung from the property by some unknown force…

Apparently they hit the old caravan that lies alongside the path, land in the garden of the Victoria Arms and have been known to even reach St Nicholas’ churchyard which is over a hundred metres away.

Stones have even been seen to hover in mid-air before being flung at the witness!

Another witness saw three balls of light dancing about three feet off the ground near to the farm gate.

And a white ghostly torso with its arms in the air has also been witnessed near to the old farmhouse.

One day, one poor taxi driver was waiting for his fare in the gateway of the house when suddenly his windscreen wipers came on and his fuel gauge needle started to move up and down.

The strange thing was…

His car engine wasn’t even turned on at the time!

His car wasn’t the only one to have had something eerie happen to it…

One witnessed returned to his locked car to find a pile of stones on its back seat and a bunch of bracken on the front seat.

When he started his car his radio came on full blast scaring the life out of him!

Local legend says that a witch was burned to death on the track leading to the Manor Farmhouse.

Witnesses walking along the track have reported smelling lavender and the smell of burning.

In fact, people have even seen a phantom fire ignite by the gate and grow in size but then extinguish itself within seconds.

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