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Haunted: The Manor House Hotel, Ferryhill, County Durham

| On 27, May 2017

The Haunted Manor House Hotel

Market Street, Ferryhill DL17 8JH

The Manor House Hotel is located in the town of Ferryhill.

The 15th century house was originally built as a farmhouse.

Since then the building has been used as a convent, a court house and an orphanage.

The Manor House has a reputation for being haunted.

So much so, that back in 2004 the Most Haunted gang investigated it as part of Series 4.

Room 6 of the hotel is said to be haunted by a crying five year of boy who’s said to be looking for his mother.

Now, spooked members of staff have witnessed the apparition of a lady they’ve nicknamed Betty in the upstairs of the hotel.

Guess what?

She said to be looking for her lost little boy!

Room 7 is another room at the hotel which is said to be haunted, this time it’s a large man.

Hotel guest and members of staff have often experienced severe temperature drops throughout the hotel.

Although the hotel is a non-smoking property, guests often report the smell of old style tobacco smoke in Room 4…

This typically occurs during the Devil’s hour from 3am!

Stunned members of staff have also reported seeing objects float across this room.

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