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Haunted: Martlesham Heath, Suffolk

Haunted: Martlesham Heath, Suffolk

| On 25, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of Martlesham Heath

Since the closure of the airfield at Martlesham Heath the area has been heavily redeveloped.

There’s three thousands houses, the main headquarters of the Suffolk Constabulary and a high tech industrial park called Adastral Park which is home to BT Labs.

During the Second World War the airfield at Martlesham Heath was one of the major airfields in the area.

As you can imagine the pilots stationed at such an important airfield during the war years saw a lot of action.

And it’s the ghostly spirits of the poor unfortunate pilots who were killed in action during the war years that are said to haunt the Martlesham Heath area today.

In fact, many uniformed ghostly apparitions have been seen in this area.

Suffolk police officers have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of dead American pilots in the canteen of the Suffolk Constabulary headquarters building.

A couple of ghostly sentries from the Second World War have been witnessed at the BT Labs Gatehouse and on Portal Avenue.

Martlesham’s former air traffic control tower which is now a museum is rumoured to be haunted.

Terrified witnesses have seen the female ghostly apparition of a WAAF walking across the car park towards the old air traffic control tower.

In 2004 shocked shop owners in the Martlesham Heath shopping area reported seeing a ghostly shadow outside their shops…

Just a shadow, no being, no body, just an eerie shadow!

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