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Haunted: The Mill Hotel, Sudbury, Suffolk

Haunted: The Mill Hotel, Sudbury, Suffolk

| On 13, May 2017

The Haunted Mill Hotel

Walnut Tree Lane, Sudbury CO10 1BD

Along Walnut Tree Lane in Sudbury there’s an old water mill which has now been converted into a rather nice hotel.


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It’s believed that a mill has stood on this site on the river for at least a thousand years.

The older parts of the present day Mill Hotel are believed to date back to the early 19th century.

And it’s probably from this century in which the mill ghost comes from…

A ghostly apparition of a lady has been witnessed in the older parts of the Mill Hotel.

It’s believed that the ghost is that of a lady who once tragically drowned beneath the water wheel of the mill.

It’s said that the ghost has spooked the hotel’s members of staff once too often that they now don’t like to be alone in the older parts of the mill!

You’ll find that the mill ghost isn’t the only eerie thing about the hotel…

You see, displayed beneath the floor of the Mill Hotel is the rather disturbing mummified remains of a cat!

In days gone by, cats were often bricked up in building to bring good luck.

And the water mill in Sudbury wasn’t spared from this tradition when it was built.

In 1971, when the water mill was converted into the Mill Hotel the remains of a mummified cat were discovered bricked up in the building.

The remains of the cat was removed from the building and strangely sold to a nearby shop…

That shop burnt down and the hotel had a run of bad luck shortly after the cat was removed from the building!

Today, you’ll be happy to know, the mummified moggy has been returned to the mill and all is peaceful again at the hotel.

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