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Haunted: The New Empire Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

| On 22, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of the New Empire Theatre

The New Empire Theatre in Southend has had many lives…

The original building dates back to 1896, then it became the Rivoli Picture House and then the ABC Cinema.

The original Empire Theatre was once called the prettiest theatre outside of London.

Sadly today it’s no so pretty.

But you’ll be happy to know it has a few ghostly tales to tell!

In its early days the theatre was a music hall.

Now there’s a sad story which dates back to this era about a guy called George.

Tragically George committed suicide by jumping to his death from the top of the theatre’s roof…

And it’s now said that he haunts the building!

George was blamed for turning lights on and off within the building.

On one occasion it’s said that he made a huge heavy chandelier swing all by its self.

The cleaners at the New Empire Theatre where constantly seeing the apparition of George when they enter the building first thing in the morning.

But it’s was said that George only showed himself to the theatre’s staff…

No member of the paying public reported seeing him during a performance!

Today sadly the theatre is closed.

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