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Haunted: No 19 Magdalen Street, Norwich, Norfolk

| On 30, Jun 2017



The Haunting of No 19 Magdalen Street

No 19 Magdalen Street is said to be the most haunted building in Norwich!

In 1965 the shop’s staff started to notice paranormal activity taking place within the building.

They would hear phantom footsteps in the empty rooms of the building and objects would move on their own accord.

Over the years the building has been let out to many businesses with most of them not staying too long.

On one occasion an Ouija board session was conducted on the premises with amazing results.

They contacted the spirit of a young woman called Sarah who was murdered in the upstairs room in the late 19th century.

Since then, many terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a young woman staring out of the upstairs window…

The strange thing about the window is it’s been bricked up for many years from the inside!

Because of its notoriety, the window has now been boarded up from the outside too.

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