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3 Haunted Places in Norwich

| On 19, Mar 2017

The Augustine Steward House, Norwich

In the middle of the Tombland area of Norwich you’ll find a house which was built by Augustine Steward in 1549.

In 1578 the house was overrun by the plague.

And it was thought that everybody in the house had perished.

So the bailiffs came and sealed up the premises.

It was standard procedure to lock up plague buildings from the outside, never venturing within and then paint red crosses on the outside as a warning to others to stay away.

This was done by the bailiffs with the Augustine Steward House.

Weeks later the bailiff returned with the pitmen to clear the house of the plagued bodies.

They notice that many of the bodies had bite marks on the limbs as though somebody had been trying to eat the flesh!

Then they discovered the body of one of the young daughters of the house but strangely she showed no sign of plague…

It looked like she had died by choking to death on a piece of meat.

But it soon dawned on them what horror had taken place.

The daughter must have been locked in when the bailiff sealed up the house.

And, close to starvation, she was forced to eat the flesh from her dead relative’s plague-ridden bodies only to choke to death in the process!

It’s now said the Augustine Steward House is haunted by the young girl.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by many witnesses either in the house, in the next-door Samson and Hercules House or in the Tombland Alleyway.

She’s said to be wearing ragged grey clothes so her apparition is now referred to as the Lady in Grey!


Curat House, Norwich

Back in the 1100s, White Lion Street was a Jewish area with a synagogue half way along it.

In charge of the synagogue was Rabbi Issacs who was married to, by all accounts, a rather unpleasant domineering woman.

Well, one day his wife just simply disappeared from the face of the earth.

There were lots of rumours flying around the Jewish community that the Rabbi had actually killed his wife but nothing was ever proven.

In 1144, Norwich’s Jewish community were forced out of the city by angry locals who blamed them for the murder of a young boy called William.

And, all of their properties were reduced to rubble including the synagogue.

In 1501 a house called Curat House was built on the site of the old synagogue…

In the 1980s building work was taking place on Curat House and the cellars which belonged to the old synagogue.

During this building work an ancient coffin was uncovered in the cellar which contained the skeleton of a woman.

Many said that the skeleton was that of Rabbi Issacs wife!

Now, after the discovery, paranormal activity started to take place within the building.

But the funny thing was that it wasn’t caused by the spirit of the murdered wife…

In fact, many terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of Rabbi Issacs himself wandering around the building causing mischief!


Elm Hill, Norwich

Elm Hill is one of the oldest streets in Norwich and it has a few ghostly tales to tell…

The building which houses the Strangers Club was involved in a tragic fire way back in 1507 which resulted in the death of a man.

Ever since that tragic day, it’s said that the ghost of the man haunts that building.

Witnesses have heard phantom footsteps with coughing sounds and eerie voices coming from the room where the man lost his life!

Just opposite the Strangers Club is an antique shop which is also said to be haunted…

Members of staff have reported on many occasions hearing from the back of the shop their front door open and close together with footsteps walking around.

When they go to serve their new customer they discover that the shop is totally empty!

Back in 1864, the local holy man Father Ignatius would curse people if they didn’t join him for early morning prayers.

Unfortunately for him, a few of the people he cursed actually died shortly afterwards.

Fearing that Father Ignatius was actually in league with the Devil, the locals got a mob together and forced him to flee the city.

It’s now said that he has returned to Elm Hill but in spirit form.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man holding a black bible in one hand whilst cursing them!

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