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Haunted: Nothe Fort, Weymouth, Dorset

| On 10, Nov 2017

The Haunting of Nothe Fort

You’ll find Nothe Fort situated at the end of Barrack Road on the Nothe Peninsula just to the east side of the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth.

The Grade II* listed building dates back to 1872 when it was first built to protect Portland and Weymouth harbours from coastal attack.

The fort was used during the Second World War but was abandoned in 1956.

It’s now in the hands of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and is maintained by Weymouth Civic Society who has opened it to the public as a museum.

Nothe Fort is reputed to be very haunted.

Visitors and members of staff have reported hearing an eerie whistling within the fort’s subterranean passageways.

Local legend says that in the Victorian times a gunner was tragically killed when a cannon he was helping to move, broke free from its rope and hit him.

It’s said that the soldier was an avid whistler and the eerie whistling heard within the fort today is in fact created by his ghost.

The fort is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady who the volunteers and staff members call ‘Madam’.

She’s been known to open doors and turn off CCTV cameras when she’s displeased with visitors to the fort.

In the 1980’s, when the fort was abandoned, a local teenage boy was exploring it one evening and just as it was getting dark he saw a tall figure of a black shadow standing on the edge of the parade ground.

The man-like shadow then moved across the parade ground, stopped, turned to look at the boy and then carried on moving across the ground eventually disappearing into one of the old store rooms.

Shell Store B9 is said to be haunted with visitors complaining of head and back aches and feeling a swaying motion when they enter it.

Batteries in electrical equipment are also known to suddenly discharge within the room.

And on one occasion a young two year old boy started to wave to an invisible man standing in the corner of the room!

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