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Haunted: The Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey

| On 19, May 2017

The Haunted Oatlands Park Hotel

146 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge KT13 9HB

The magnificent Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge dates back to 1856.

The historic hotel stands on the site of the Tudor Royal Palaces of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Recently the hotel has got a reputation for being haunted…

Many members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady dressed in a grey 17th century dress.

Terrified witnesses have seen her in the restaurant floating across the floor and exiting through the wall!

Below the Bell Tower on the third floor of the Tudor Wing is Room 1313…

Lots of guests have reported severe temperature drops in this room.

Some say that the room is haunted by a maid from the 19th century who jumped from the Bell Tower and killed herself after a lover’s tiff!

Lots of paranormal activity such as the TV turning on and off on its own accord and drawers being mysteriously opened have been reported to take place within this room.

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