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Haunted: The Old Hampshire Chronicle Building, Winchester, Hampshire

| On 12, Sep 2017


The Haunting of the Old Hampshire Chronicle Building

Situated along Winchester’s High Street, just next to the HSBC bank, you’ll find a building which once housed the offices, and for well over two hundred years, the presses of the Hampshire Chronicle.

Before the Hampshire Chronicle there was a large tenement building on the spot called La Peryne which was demolished in 1897.

The Chronicle building was said to be haunted by a Grey Lady ghost that witnesses reported was often accompanied by the eerie sound of clanking.

The Grey Lady ghost was often heard and seen in the area where there was once a small printing press.

Some people believe that the sound of the old printing press in motion is the exact same clanking sound which accompanies the Grey Lady!

The other ghost said to haunt the building is that of a ghostly man who was witnessed standing outside the file room and disappearing through its closed locked door.

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