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Haunted: The Old Railway Station, Maldon, Essex

Haunted: The Old Railway Station, Maldon, Essex

| On 16, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of the Old Railway Station

Maldon has an impressive old Jacobean style Victorian Railway Station.

Unfortunately it closed its doors to passengers many moons ago.

All except one lonely figure that is!

Before the Maldon line was closed a ghostly apparition of a white lady was often seen on Platform 2 making an eerie groaning noise.

It’s said that any late-night passengers catching the last train home would get a ghostly chill of their lives.

As the temperature on Platform 2 would suddenly plummet denoting the spirits presence!

After the line was closed in the 1960s the Victorian station was left to fall into disrepair.

In the 1980s the station was brought back to life and turned into a restaurant.

Staff and punters alike would often complain about the sudden icy temperature drops.

Some terrified witnesses even saw a white ghostly mist form near the restaurant’s toilets!

Today, the old railway station is sadly surrounded by a busy industrial estate and is no longer run as a restaurant.

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