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Haunted: The Old Thatch, Stapehill, Dorset

| On 12, Oct 2017



The Haunting of the Old Thatch

You’ll find the Old Thatch pub located along Wimborne Road West at Uddens Cross in Stapehill.

The thatched pub dates back to the 18th century when it started life out as a lodge to Uddens House.

After a fire at the mansion house, a saved ornate door was brought to the lodge and since that day the building is said to have been haunted.

The ghost of an old lady called Mary was often seen sitting in a rocking chair by table 28.

It seems that she’s the guardian of the ornate door which still hangs in the pub today.

It’s said that she’s friendly to anyone who respects the door but those who disrespects it tend to meet with misfortune!

Members of staff have reported hearing phantom footsteps wandering about the place, furniture moving about on its own accord and the clinking of glasses in empty rooms.

They’ve also found cutlery scattered on the floor in the mornings, seen lights switching themselves on and off, bottles suddenly exploded and beer mats flying off tables.

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