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Haunted: Oulton Broad, Suffolk

Haunted: Oulton Broad, Suffolk

| On 25, Jun 2017

The Haunting of Oulton Broad

The famous 19th century English writer and traveller George Henry Borrow loved Oulton Broad.

His wife owned a small estate at Oulton Broad where he lived and wrote his books in between his travels.

He died in old age at Oulton Broad in 1881.

He must of loved the place so much because his ghostly apparition is often seen wandering around the area of his old summerhouse.

He’s said to be wearing a wide brimmed hat and a long cloak!

In 1851, a Norfolk wherry called the Mayfly was sailing on Oulton Broad heading for Great Yarmouth with a cargo of gold worth four thousand pounds…

A small fortune in those days!

On board was the master’s daughter Millicent Dormer.

The captain of the Mayfly was a man called Stephenson who had other ideas on the destination of the ship’s gold.

He had planned to kill the crew and sail to Holland with the stolen bullion.

He managed to overcome the mate killing him and dumping his body overboard.

Unfortunately for him, the master’s daughter Millicent put up more of a fight…

In their violent struggle together both were mortally wounded!

Captain Stephenson died from a stab to the heart whilst Millicent died from a wound to her neck.

The young cabin boy Bert survived the violence but could not sail the Mayfly alone so he abandoned ship via the lifeboat.

He was eventually saved and told his rescuers the fate of the Mayfly.

The wherry was later found drifting out at sea…

Both Millicent and Stephenson bodies were still on board!

It’s now said that around the 24th and 25th June, a ghostly apparition of the Mayfly can be seen sailing on Oulton Broad…

What more, the ghostly figures of a man and a woman can be seen clearly struggling together on the deck of the boat!

The 16th century Manor House on Oulton Street which was once known as Oulton High House is said to be haunted by a couple of ghosts…

In the older part of the house a ghostly apparition of a lady in white has been witnessed climbing the staircase.

And the ghost of a former owner of Manor House has been seen in full traditional hunting gear with his loyal hunting hounds by he’s feet ready to go on a hunt!

The phantom sounds of an old carriage moving along the driveway and poltergeist activity has been also been reported at the property.

Now there have been a couple of exorcisms performed at the house.

But it seems they weren’t too successful as paranormal activity is still reported to take place at the Manor House to this very day.

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