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3 Haunted Places in Bognor Regis

| On 13, Aug 2017

ACKERGILL TOWER CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The main ghost witnessed at the Ackergill Tower Castle is that of Helen Gunn.

Witnesses describe her ghost as a Green Lady or as a lady with black hair in a long red ball gown!

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Bognor Regis Pier Nightclub, Bognor Regis

One day in the early 1990’s a new barman at the nightclub witnessed a man walk across to the opposite side of the curved conservatory bar.

When the barman walked over to that area of the bar to serve the man he discovered that he’d totally disappeared into thin air!

Later when the bar had a quiet period the barman decided to take a toilet break.

As he was leaving the toilet he turned to close the door and suddenly he came face to face with a ghostly man.

He fled the building and decided to wait outside until customers turned up.

He described the ghostly man as having dark hair but being old looking.

When he told his manageress about the place being haunted she replied, ‘Oh right, you’ve seen him too’!


The Picturedrome Cinema, Bognor Regis

One day in the 1970s the Picturedrome’s cleaner saw a man sitting in one of the cinema’s seats.

The thing was, there was no film playing so the cleaner decided do go over to the man and ask him what he was doing there.

As she approached him he disappeared into thin air!

This ghostly man has been witnessed many times in the cinema.

A ghost hunting group has caught on film a ghostly figure walking along the back row of seats.

As well as an apparition of a headless figure sitting in one of the cinema’s boxes.



One of the cinema’s seats has also been seen to move by its own accord into a position as though someone invisible was sitting in it!


The Unicorn, Bognor Regis

It’s said that the ghostly Methodist priest turns off the pumps to the bar taps on a regular basis because he doesn’t approve of people consuming alcohol.

A spooked member of staff once reported seeing a drinks optic come away from the wall and hover in mid-air before falling to the floor where it smashed.

One evening a couple of members of staff were playing on the pub’s fruit machine when they both suddenly noticed a figure in white walk behind them in the reflection of the glass front of the fruit machine.

Thinking it was their manageress they both turned around only to discover that nobody was there.

Five minutes later their manageress walked in…

She was wearing a blue top!

Customers have reported seeing ghostly figures walk through the wall in the pool table area.

One day a young man was playing pool and just as he was going to take a shot he bumped into somebody standing behind.

He turned around to say sorry to the person but found that nobody was there!

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