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3 Haunted Places in Cambridge

| On 23, Jul 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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Abbey House

You’ll find the 16th century mansion of Abbey House in the Barnwell area of Cambridge near to the old Barnwell Priory site.

At one time Abbey House was said to be the most haunted house in England!

It was said to be haunted by up to six ghosts.

A couple of the ghosts are said to be that of animals…

A phantom red squirrel has been seen running along the garden wall and on the lawn before it disappears into thin air.

And a ghostly hare has also been seen in the garden on cold winter nights when there’s snow on the ground!

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a nun whose been described as the black nun or grey lady.

She’s been seen gliding along the path at the back of the house and also near the garden’s iron gates.

She was described as wearing dark robes!

Local legend says that she fell in love with a young man from the priory and was executed for her sins.

Former residents of Abbey House have reported hearing an eerie banging noise on bedroom doors, phantom footsteps on the staircase, clanking chains and ghostly whispering voices.

The apparition of a small brown furry creature which ran about the nursery on its hind legs was seen by witnesses too.

The family at the time nicknamed it Wolfie!

One lady was literally pulled out of her bed by something unseen one night.

Whilst on another occasion she saw an apparition of a man in full armour.

On another occasion a terrified witness saw the ghostly apparition of a disembodied woman’s head floating in mid-air in her bedroom.

This apparition manifested to her on three different occasions.

Other residents at Abbey House reported feeling something heavy laying on their chests in the middle of the night as well as having their bedsheets pulled off them by an unknown force.

In 1980 an elderly lady staying at the house awoke to see a ghostly apparition of a man shortly followed by six nun-like figures…

All appeared to be surrounded by a whitish light!

A friendly ghost known as the white lady was seen by witnesses tucking in sleeping children.

Witnesses have also reported seeing the ghost of Jacob Butler who lived in the house in 1714 and was nicknamed the Giant Squire.

The ghost of the Giant Squire is said to be looking for his beloved dog which died just shortly before him.

The apparition of the Giant Squire is described as a tall sad looking man wearing a long green coat, green breeches, black shoes and a black tricorn hat who is also carry a walking stick.


BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Studio 1a in the old Hills Road BBC Radio Cambridgeshire building had a reputation for being haunted…

Staff at the radio station reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a friendly man sitting in the presenter’s chair.

Apparently he was dressed in beige and had grey hair.

And once told a presenter to ‘calm down’ just before her morning radio show!

This wasn’t the only occasion staff members heard someone ghostly speak to them…

A film editor heard somebody say to him ‘Hang on, wait for me’ whilst he was alone in the car park behind the studio.

And whilst coming down the stairs one day a broadcast assistant heard someone say ‘hello’ to her even though she was totally alone at the time!

An apparition of a tall man dressed in dark clothing was seen walking into and out of the library.

And the breakfast team would often see a ghostly figure in the shape of a little old lady standing in the corner of the studio.


Cambridge Airport

The 1930s Administration Block is said to be the most haunted building at the airport.

Terrified cleaners and security guards are constantly reporting strange events taking place within the building…

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking along the passageway towards the tower and air traffic control area.

Sometimes these phantom footsteps are heard walking along the passageway and sometimes they’re heard walking on the floor above.

In all instances the building had been empty at the time!

The phantom footsteps have also been heard descending the wooden stairs leading to the conference room.

At one time there was an Officer-in-Charge office situated to the north end of the Admin Block.

A cleaner saw a ghostly apparition of a RAF officer walking towards the office and entering it.

He was wearing blue trousers with a blue jumper.

The cleaner followed the ghostly officer to the office block but found the door of the office was locked.

She let herself into the room with her pass key but found it be totally empty.

The ghostly RAF officer had vanished into thin air!

The next day whilst cleaning another room she briefly saw the same figure standing next to her before he quickly disappeared from sight.

Other spooked staff members have also reported seeing this apparition entering the Officer-in-Charge office.

They describe him as being dressed in full flying gear from the Second World War.

The parachute store is believed to be haunted by a former employee…

Security guards have reported hearing the doors opening and banging shut on their own accord!

One employee who was working in the parachute packing room got the shock of his life one day when he heard a young girl singing…

He looked up into the loft area of the room to see an apparition of a little girl softly singing to him.

Within seconds she had disappeared into thin air!

Both security guards and cleaners have reported smelling the strong smell of pipe tobacco smoke in the non-smoking building when it was supposed to have been empty.

One day a couple of cleaners were scared witless after hearing phantom footsteps walking along a corridor and seeing two sets of heavy wooden fire doors open and shut on their own accord as though someone invisible had just walked through them!

The ghostly apparition of a transparent man has been witnessed by spooked staff members walking around the Quality Control Office.

And the office manager’s wedding photograph situated on his desk was seen by shocked members of staff to rise in the air and fall to the floor on its own accord.

Many of the hangars at the airport have ghostly tales to tell too…

Hangar Four dates back to the Second World War.

In 1958 the maintenance crew were doing an all-nighter.

They were having their break in the early hours of the morning when suddenly they saw a ghostly figure of a Second World War RAF pilot walking towards them from the end of the hangar.

Apparently he was wearing a fur-lined flying jacket, fur-lined boots and a helmet with googles!

He walked into a locked office and the maintenance crew followed to get a better look.

One of the crew unlocked the office only to find that the room was totally empty and the ghostly airman had disappeared.

The hangar became notorious amongst staff members for tools to be mysteriously moved or go missing.

On one occasion a staff member was making his workmates a cup of tea…

He found that the empty mugs that he had early put out on the side ready to be filled when the kettle had come to the boil had all been turned upside down by an unseen presence!

A security guard checking out Hangar Two one night saw the ghostly apparition of a man walk right through solid work benches before disappearing into thin air.

The hangar is believed to be haunted by a former employee!

Hangar Thirteen is also said to be haunted…

Like Hangar Two workmen have found that their tools mysteriously go missing only to reappear somewhere else in the hangar.

Eerie whispering, cold draughts, strange black shadows and the sudden smell of perfume have all been reported by members of staff working in the hangar.

One Christmas night a security guard was checking out Hangar Ten when he saw an apparition of a grey hair man looking at him from the office window.

Apparently the ghostly man was in his sixties and was wearing a 1940s suit!

On one occasion a fitter in Hangar Three had a conversation with a RAF officer who was inquiring about the whereabouts of an aircraft in for maintenance.

Later the fitter asked his workmates about this mysterious RAF officer only to find out that nobody else had seen him or knew who he was…

So, it looks like the fitter actually have a conversion with a ghost!

Another fitter was working in the cargo bay of a Tri-Star jet one night when he heard phantom footsteps walking around the passenger deck of the aircraft.

Together with a workmate they went to investigate who was with them in the aircraft only to find that the passenger deck was totally empty!

Machine Shop 1 was originally used during the Second World War by airmen but after the war it became a milling and grinding shop and now it’s a garage workshop.

The building has a reputation of being haunted by a ghost called the Grey Man.

One day a cleaner was taking a tea break in the Machine Shop when he saw a suited man with a grey looking face standing in the doorway.

He asked the Grey Man whether everything was alright and the man answered ‘Yes’ before vanishing into thin air!

A similar encounter with the Grey Man happened during the war…

A workman on a night shift was working away when suddenly he had the feeling to turn around.

As he did he saw a suited man who this time asked him whether everything was alright at which the worker replied ‘Yes’ and returned to his work.

Moments later the worker quickly glanced up to discover that the man had disappeared.

Puzzled by the quick disappearance of the mysterious suited man he search the Machine Shop for him but couldn’t find him anywhere!

The storeroom above the nightshift office in another Machine Shop also had a reputation for being haunted…

Phantom footsteps would often be heard walking around the empty storeroom by workmen!

On one summer’s night a worker got the shock of his life when he used the storeroom to have a tea break and have a quick snooze.

Although it was a warm summer’s night he woke up after his snooze feeling freezing cold.

As his eyes adjusted to the dark room he noticed that an apparition of man was standing watching him…

The ghostly figure was wearing a uniform with a peaked cap.

The worker ran from the room in terror and told his workmates about what he had just witnessed.

They returned to the room and noted it was still freezing cold in there but the ghostly uniformed man was nowhere to be seen!

The members of staff working in the Metal Detailing building have reported some strange events taking place over the years.

Eerie whistling and whispering and shirt pulling and taps on the shoulder by an unknown presence have been reported.

A security guard on patrol outside the building one night was violently pulled backwards by the back of his trousers by something unseen.

A ghostly apparition of a man wearing the old style of Marshall overalls was witnessed by a worker in the 1980s walking towards the treatment tanks where he disappeared into thin air.

A storeman once witness a ladder which had blocked his way whilst he carried a box suddenly straighten to a 90 degree angle as though someone invisible was holding it upright!

The Grade II listed Civil Building housed the Chairman’s offices and was used for civil control of the airport.

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking around the building, object have mysteriously disappeared and an icy cold breeze has often been felt by staff members in certain parts of the building.

On one occasion a secretary witnessed the door handle of the Chairman’s office move up and down on its own accord.

One morning a cleaner saw an apparition standing in a doorway of the Chairman’s office out of the corner of his eye.

He described the ghostly apparition as a large man dressed in black.

As he turned to get a better look the apparition disappeared into thin air!

Other cleaners have reported hearing phantom talking coming from empty rooms at the Civil Building.

More ghosts have also been witnessed within the building…

A phantom airman has been seen walking from the front of the building by terrified witnesses.

Cleaners have also seen the ghostly apparition of a long hair woman dressed in white.

And other witnesses have seen the reflection of an apparition of a man wearing a hat in the glass of the front doors!

Airport House is said to be haunted by a ghost of a Grey Lady…

After returning from her lunch break one day a secretary was entering the building via the front doors when she witnessed the apparition of a woman on the other side of the inner doors.

Apparently the ghostly woman was tall with fair hair, pale face and was wearing a long dark dress.

As the secretary got closer to the doors the apparition vanished into thin air!

On another occasion a cleaner saw the Grey Lady walking down the stairs.

Mysterious icy cold breezes and opened doors slamming themselves shut have also been reported by terrified staff.

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