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Discover the Haunted Places in Clacton-on-Sea

Discover the Haunted Places in Clacton-on-Sea

| On 18, Mar 2014

Treasure Holt is not the only HAUNTED PLACE IN CLACTON-ON-SEA!

Treasure Holt is an infamous haunted location in Clacton-on-Sea.

But, you know there are many lesser known haunted places in Clacton too…

If you haven’t heard of Clacton-on-Sea it’s in north-east Essex.

If you want to visit you can take a 90 minute train journey from London Liverpool Street.

Or, if you want to drive, head up the A12, take the A120 and then the A133 and that will take you straight to Clacton.

The Celts were first to set up a village in the Clacton area.

Later in 500 AD, the Saxon settled and set up a village called Claccingaton which means the village of Clacc’s people…

This is where the name Clacton comes from!

In 1086, the Domesday Book records the village as Clachintuna which belonged to the Bishops of London.

Between the years of 1645 and 1832, the whole Clacton area became notorious for smuggler gangs!

Today, Clacton is a little quieter and is known as a seaside resort.

Martello Tower, Clacton

Hauntings from Clacton’s Past

I’ve found three ghostly stories from Clacton’s past concerning buildings which are sadly no longer standing…

These buildings are the old ballroom at former Butlins camp, the old Kinema and the Wilson House which was located in Leas Road.

The Wilson House was once a dormitory in the mid to late 20th century.

Unexplained heavy phantom footsteps were often reported walking the corridors of Wilson House in the dead of the night.

On one night, a ghostly apparition was even witnessed by a couple of very frightened school girls!

Near the Martello Tower in Clacton there was once a Butlins Camp…

Well, it’s said that one night a fight broke out in the old ballroom of the Butlins Camp. A soldier was tragically killed as a result of the brawl.

It was said that from then onwards the old ballroom was haunted by this poor unfortunate soldier!

Since the redevelopment of the area, there have been no more reports of the ghostly soldier apparition being witnessed.

Clacton’s old Kinema was once said to be haunted…

A projectionist who worked at the Kinema in the 1940’s was said to have sadly committed suicide.

Shocked witnesses reported seeing doors open and shut by their own accord.

They also heard unexplained phantom footsteps stomping around the Kinema when the building should have been empty.

Other witnesses were scared witless by feeling icy hands touching them and on some occasions being shoved in the back by an unknown force.

On a couple of occasion people have seen a white ghostly mist.

Some have even seen an apparition of an old man dressed in a 1940’s suit.

The Kinema was demolished in 1962.

Today, a homecare store has been built in its place!


Private Hauntings

There’s a few privately own properties in Clacton-on-Sea whose owners have reported ghostly disturbances taking place…

In the 1980s, the owners of Carr’s Farm House in Coppins Road reported hearing a number of strange unexplained occurrences.

They heard phantom footsteps walking about in the dead of night followed by muffled cries and the sounds of a struggle near the top of the stairs!

Between 1975 and 1978 in a private house along St Osyth Road the sound of ghostly footsteps were often heard.

Spooky phantom singing was also reported and it was said the family’s four year old son would often see an apparition of a little girl.

The house was exorcised in 1978…

And, no more paranormal activity has been reported since!

Another private residence which was said to be haunted by a young girl was a house in Thornbury Road…

In 2003, the owner reported hearing doors slamming, unexplained phantom footsteps and electrical gadgets were turning themselves on and off!

One day the person living at the house saw a ghostly apparition of a young girl manifest herself in front of them.

But the young girl was not the only ghost to reside at the house…

An apparition of an old woman was also witnessed sleeping in the bed in the box room.

But, the most disturbing paranormal event which took place in the house was when the person living there was violently dragged across the floor by their ankles by an unknown force!

The Old Lifeboat House, Clacton

More Ghosts from Clacton

In 1954, a wedding took place at the Baptist Church on Pier Avenue…

It’s said that the sister of the bride was visible on several of the wedding photographs.

So what’s so spooky about that then?

Well, she had tragically drowned twelve years previously!

In 1968, a man was walking his dog along the beach between Clacton and Jaywick when his dog discovered a grisly find…

The dog uncovered a human arm in the sand!

The man, for some strange reason, took the severed arm home with him before reporting it to the police station.

And it’s said that for several weeks afterwards his house was plagued with poltergeist activity.

Staying on the poltergeist theme…

The old Lifeboat House in Clacton was believed to have one.

A spooked shopkeeper who rented a room in the lifeboat house to store his surplus stock reported that an unknown presence would rearrange his shop items overnight!

Now, there used to be a pond near to the London Road/St. Johns Road roundabout…

Many of the local children would be scared stiff of visiting the pond alone. They would avoid it at all costs.

Because, it was said that on dark nights the ghostly apparition of a woman on a white horse would be seen rising out of the dark water!

Last but not least, there’s the ghostly story of the German pilots…

During the Second World War a German Messerschmitt 110 was shot down.

Many years later in 1953, a couple of frighten local children witnessed the ghostly apparitions of three pilots in German Second World War uniforms at the very same spot the Messerschmitt crashed.

Today, the crash site is a factory car park!

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