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3 Haunted Places in King’s Lynn

| On 02, Jul 2017

Purfleet Quay, King’s Lynn

The picturesque Purfleet Quay is said to be haunted by some rather vocal ghosts.

The first wailing banshee is of a bride who killed herself shortly after being wed.

Her screaming ghostly apparition has been witnessed throwing herself into the quay waters!

Other ghostly screams heard in the area are believed to be from phantom soldiers who are busy butchering each other during which the quay waters are said to turn red with blood.

The Edwardian public library which was built and funded by the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie is said to have a religious ghost.

You see, it was built on the site of the old Greyfriar’s monastery.

And, the cellar of the building is said to be haunted by the apparition of a ghostly monk.

In the past, female librarians have been so terrified of the phantom monk that they refused to go to the cellar on their own!


The Exorcist’s House, King’s Lynn

Next to St Nicholas Church in Chapel Lane you’ll find a rather quaint looking white house…

It’s called the Exorcist’s House!

The house dates back to 1635 and gets its name because the former house it replaced was used by a Catholic priest whose position in the church was of an Exorcist.

The house is said to be haunted by a former occupant.

Two young girls who once lived in the property were scared witless after seeing the ghostly apparition of a man within the building.


The King’s Lynn to Hunstanton Railway Line, King’s Lynn

There’s an old disused railway track which at one time ran from Hunstanton to nearby King’s Lynn…

Back in 1863, there was a terrible train crash on this line in which six people were tragically killed.

During the 1960’s, the King’s Lynn- Hunstanton line was closed.

But it seems that this was not the end of the service.

Up until the 1970’s, shocked locals were still reporting seeing trains travelling along where the old train track once laid!

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