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45+ Haunted Places in Greater London (Updated 2017)

| On 23, Apr 2017



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The Greyhound Inn, Carshalton

Local legend says that in bygone times a body of a poor traveller was found one morning on the doorstep of the pub.

He was wearing a long cloak and it appeared that he’d tragically frozen to death during the night.

Witnesses have reported seeing his ghostly apparition at the pub in the early hours of the morning.

His ghost is described as having a grey face and shivering uncontrollably.

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Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey

Hampton Court Palace is said to be haunted by up to 25 ghosts!

But the three ghosts that Hampton Court is infamous worldwide for are that of the Screaming Lady, the Grey Lady and Skeletor.

Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII.

She was beheaded in 1541 for committing adultery whilst being married to the king.

It’s said that she was put under house arrest by the royal guards who dragged screaming for her life from the Long Gallery (Haunted Gallery) to the Queen’s Apartments.

Her ghost is now said to haunt the Long Gallery.

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing the phantom screams of a woman in the Long Gallery which they believe to be the ghostly screams of Catherine Howard.

Catherine’s ghost is now referred to as the Screaming Lady!

The Grey Lady ghost of Hampton Court Palace is believed to be the ghost of Dame Sybil Penn.

She was the royal nursemaid to Edward VI and Princess Elizabeth.

Dame Sybil Penn died from smallpox at the palace in 1562 after catching it from the princess who she nursed back to health.

She was buried at the church of St Mary’s in the nearby village of Hampton.

In 1829, St Mary’s Church was demolished and unfortunately during this process Sybil’s tomb was disturbed.

Soon afterwards the residents of Hampton Court reported hearing the sound of a spinning wheel whirling away.

Later a sealed room was opened up which revealed a Tudor spinning wheel that many say belonged to Sybil Penn!

In October 2003 Hampton Court Palace became worldwide news when a mysterious phantom figure wearing a long period style coat was captured on CCTV opening a fire exit door near to the Clock Tower.

Many people believe this extranormal footage to be a hoax but the ghostly figure became known as Skeletor!


Gaumont Cinema, Rosehill

The building is said to be haunted by a ghostly figure of a man who’s been nicknamed Fred by members of staff.

The former cinema is also said to be haunted by a ghostly figure of a man in grey.

Witnesses have seen his ghostly apparition at the top of the stairs but when he’s approached he vanishes into thin air!

Some people believe the Grey Man ghost is the spirit of a man who committed suicide within the building in 1965.

Whether the Grey Man ghost and Frank are the same spirit I let you make your mind up about that.

Spooked witnesses have also reported hearing doors slamming shut on their own accord, eerie noises, strange light anomalies, beer taps turning themselves on, glasses mysteriously falling off shelves and the sound of a phantom organ playing!


The Water Tower, Carshalton

The water tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun.

Witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly apparition walking around the 18th century structure!


Carew Manor, Sutton

Legend says that both the ghosts of Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh haunt the surrounding area of Carew Manor especially along the narrow alley that leads from London Road to Croydon Road called Bunkers Alley.

Both ghosts are seen together riding from the manor’s main gates towards the alleyway.

Sir Walter Raleigh’s ghost is said to have his decapitated head under his arm whilst Elizabeth I’s ghost is also said to be headless!

A ghostly apparition of a long haired man carrying a sword has been seen by witnesses along the alleyway too.

Many people believe that this apparition is also the ghost of Sir Walter Raleigh.

After the manor’s north wing fire in the 18th century terrified witnesses reported poltergeist activity taking place within the building.

One of the most common ghosts at the manor is of a little girl who’s been seen crossing the gangway that leads from the school to the former infirmary.

Her girlish laughter has also been heard echoing along the building’s corridors.

The ghosts of a former caretaker and a woman are said to walk the main corridor too.

A ghostly face has been seen by witnesses peering out of one of the upper classroom’s windows.

And the upstairs computer room is said to be the haunt of spirit children.

Spooked witnesses have also reported seeing a dark shadow within another classroom.

During the war years the girls at the orphanage were evacuated for their safety and manor was left empty.

One of the locals recorded that his family would shelter in the manor’s cellars during air raids.

He remembered that a lady in grey would stand by his bed and tell him not to be afraid.

On reflection he believed that she was in fact a ghost as she only showed herself to him when the air raids were really bad!


The Angel, Sutton

A former landlord of the Angel once reported that he would hear the sounds of a phantom child crying in the pub’s cellar.

Doors would also open and shut on their own accord.

And beer barrels would be mysteriously moved about when nobody was in the pub!


Richmond Theatre, Richmond

The Victorian theatre is said to be haunted by many ghosts.

It’s said that in 1939 a former director of the theatre tragically fell to his death from a balcony.

His ghost is now said to haunt the theatre!

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of an elderly man walking into the ladies toilets.

And a ghostly figure of a woman was once seen in the gods behind the main stage during a performance of ‘All You Need Is Love’.

Many members of staff have been scared witless after hearing phantom footsteps following them up the stairs which lead to the older part of the theatre.

Paranormal activity has been reported to have taken place within the theatre’s print stores.

Boxes of flyers as well as other material have been swapped between the rooms even though they are always kept locked!

Doors have been heard being slammed shut in the print store area after performances even though no members of staff where in the vicinity.

In the late 1980s a member of staff was locking up for the night when he discovered that the print store room door was open.

As he walked into the room he turned the lights on and heard a scratching noise coming from one of the flyer boxes.

He then noticed nail marks suddenly appear on the cardboard box.

Just then the lights went out in the room and he heard the sound of cardboard ripping.

In the darkness, the member of staff then saw the ghostly figure of a man reaching for a box on the top shelf.

The box fell from the top shelf and the witness fled the theatre in terror!

The next day the staff member told other members of staff what had happened to him the night before but understandably refused to go to the print store room.

The box office staff investigated the room where they found a box on the floor with flyers littered everywhere and a pair of footprints in the dusty floor.

In the early 1930s a man tragically died in the room from head injuries after a storage unit of boxes suddenly fell on him!


Ham House, Richmond

Ham House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale.

Her ghostly apparition has been witnessed in the Italian gardens and has been heard on the stairs and walking along the corridors of the house.

Apparently her apparition has been described as wearing a black widows satin dress.

The Duchess bedroom where she died is also said to have a very strange atmosphere.

Phantom footsteps crossing the bedroom followed by the slamming of the door that leads to the bathroom have also been reported.

Sometimes the ghost of her beloved King Charles spaniel has also been seen and heard on the stairs by spooked visitors to the house.

Although the empty attic floors which were once the servant’s bedrooms are closed off to the public strange noises have been heard coming from them.

Phantom footsteps, slamming doors and dragging noises have all been heard coming from the attic rooms!

Like a lot of buildings opened to the public, smoking is strictly prohibited in the house but people have reported smelling the odour of old pipe tobacco in the Marble Dining Room.

The ghostly apparition of a young man looking for something has been seen on the terrace.

The ghost is believed to be that of John Macfarlane who committed suicide at the house due to a broken heart after a failed love affair.

The last Earl of Dysart who owned Ham House in the 1920s and 1930s was partially sighted and would use a cane to help him navigated around the house.

Every Christmas Eve he would visit his chauffeur at his cottage with presents.

He would cross the cobbled courtyard tapping his cane for guidence and then would give a loud knock on the cottage door.

After his death in 1935 the tapping of his cane on the courtyard cobbles and the loud knock on the cottage door are still heard every Christmas Eve.

In 1879, the writer Augustus Hare visited Ham House and wrote this following account in his autobiography The Story of My Life…

There is a ghost at Ham.

The old butler there had a little girl, she was then six years old.

In the small hours of the morning, when dawn was making things clear, the child, waking up, saw a little old woman scratching with her finger against the wall close to the fireplace.

She was not at all frightened at first but sat up to look at her.

The noise she made in doing this caused the old woman to look round, and she came to the foot of the bed and, grasping the rail, stared at the child long and fixedly.

So horrible was her stare, that the child was terrified and screamed and hid her face.

People ran in and the child told what she had seen.

The wall was examined where she had seen the figure scratching, and concealed in it were papers which proved that in that room, Elizabeth had murdered her first husband to marry the Duke of Lauderdale.


Lumley Chapel, Cheam

Scared passers-by have reported hearing blood curdling screams coming from inside the chapel late at night.

When the police investigated the building they found nobody inside it.

Many believe the phantom screams may have something to do with the past murders which have taken place within and near the chapel!

Recently a paranormal group investigated the chapel.

They reported unexplained knocks, a strange whistling sound and the security light turning itself on and off by its own accord!


St Dunstan’s Church, Cheam

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a priest within the church.

He’s believed to be the ghost of a former priest of St Dunstan’s who tragically died at the altar!

There was once a well in the church ground which a poor unfortunate local girl fell down and died in.

Her ghostly spirit has been seen by witnesses walking through the old caretaker’s shed.

A dark oppressive force is also said to be located at the bottom of the churchyard, just near to the trees!


Nonsuch Park, Cheam

Witnesses passing the park in the early hours of the morning have reported hearing the eerie sounds of a medieval banquet coming from the area of the former Nonsuch Palace.

The eastern gate is said to be haunted by a ghostly man who stands watching the park.

Witnesses described him as a tall man wearing a dark cloak with a forlorn expression upon his face!


The Old Rectory, Cheam

The ghost of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes who was rector at Cheam for a short time in 1606 has been witnessed at the Old Rectory.

Witnesses describe his ghost as being cut off at the knees, probably walking on a floor which was at a different level to the present day one.

An apparition of a disapproving elderly lady in a dressing gown woke up the former residents of the Old Rectory in the middle of the night for a week on the trot after they had work done on the place!

The building is said to be haunted by even more female ghosts…

A White Lady ghost and the ghost of a young maid!

The apparition of a young child has also been witnessed on a few occasions within the Old Rectory.

The cellar is said to be haunted by a couple of mischievous ghosts.

And a legion of ghostly Roman soldiers has even been seen marching through the living room heading in the direction of Cuddington!


Whitehall, Cheam

Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a man wandering around the historic house.

He’s been nicknamed George and is believed to be the ghost a former member of the Killick family.

Another apparition seen at Whitehall is of a ghostly woman who witnesses describe as being a nurse!


Ye Olde Red Lion, Cheam

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man who walks through the bar area.

Other witnesses have also reported seeing the apparition of large woman on the upper floor of the pub.

They describe her as wearing 19th century agricultural clothing and carrying a corn sickle!


The Purley Arms, South Croydon

You’ll find the Purley Arms pub along the Brighton Road in South Croydon.

In 1992 the pub hit the local headlines because its landlords called in a couple of mediums and an astrologer to rescue the pub’s troubled residential ghost.

The ghost was said to be of a man called George from 1830 who tragically died in the pub’s cellar when a beer barrel rolled down a ramp and hit him breaking his back in the process!

The clearing performed by the mediums and astrologer seem to had done the trick as the pub is now said to have a nice atmosphere.


Kenley Aerodrome, Whyteleafe

Spooked witnesses working in the main hangar have reported lots of paranormal activity taking place within the building.

Doors opening and closing on their own accord, eerie knocking noises, kettles switching themselves on and phantom footsteps wandering around are just some of the strange events to have been reported to have happened within the haunted hangar!


The Sandrock, Croydon

A former landlady of the Sandrock was scared witless one night when she was awoken by a ghostly apparition of a preacher standing at the bottom of her bed.

Some people believe that he’s the ghost of a 19th century religious man who once delivered sermons near to the pub.


St Mary’s Church, Beddington Park

When Carew Manor was an orphanage there was an epidemic which resulted in the deaths on many young girls.

The bodies of those poor girls were buried in a mass grave in St Mary’s churchyard.

Today it’s said that the spirits of those girls haunt the churchyard.

Witnesses have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a nun walking about the churchyard!





The Vestry Hall, Mitcham

Vestry Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former caretaker of the building.

The old caretaker’s flat is located on the shut off upper floors of the building.

The ghostly caretaker is said to wander most of Vestry Hall but his present is felt the most in the upper floors of the building!


Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon

In the 18th century Wimbledon Common was the hunting grounds of the notorious ‘Laughing Highwayman’ Jerry Abershaw.

At the time Jerry Abershaw was just as infamous as Dick Turpin!

His gang operated out of Kingston’s Bald Faced Stag Inn.

In 1795, he shot dead a police officer called David Price and shot his fellow officer Bernard Turner in the head.

He was arrested and sentenced to death for murder and attempted murder.

Jerry Abershaw was hanged on Kennington Common on the 3rd August, 1795.

His body was then taken and displayed in a gibbet on Jerry’s Hill close to where the Windmill is now located.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a highwayman riding his horse at speed across the common.

Many believe the ghostly apparition is that of the Laughing Highwayman himself!


New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon

One of the ghosts at the theatre is said to be that of a Victorian or Edwardian woman.

A former General Manager once witnessed her ghostly apparition standing right in front of him.

He described her as wearing a Victorian or Edwardian dress and being very beautiful.

Local legend says that just after the theatre was built part of a set collapse onto an actress and she died from her injuries!

In the 1970s there was a living quarters in the theatre where the Ticket Call Centre is now located today.

The manageress at the time was sleeping in the living quarters one night when she was woken up by the ghostly apparition of an old lady standing next to her.

The ghostly elderly woman then proceeded to levitate up and disappear through the ceiling!


Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, Locksbottom

The toilets at Ye Olde Whyte Lyon are said to be haunted…

A former landlady reported that on several occasions when she was in the toilets the doors would slam shut and lock themselves.

Then a ghostly apparition of an old lady would materialise in front of her!

In the 1960s it’s said that the landlord at the time found a skeleton of a woman whilst he was renovating the pub.

The skull of the skeleton had what looked like a bullet hole in the forehead.

For some weird reason the landlord thought the skull would make a good decoration in the pub and placed in on the bar for all to see!

Apparently the skull has now been placed in a hole in one of the pub’s walls and plastered over.

But the pub’s bar area is now said to be haunted by a ghostly woman!

She’s been blamed for pint glasses suddenly falling off shelves, objects mysteriously going missing and for the sound of phantom footsteps walking around the pub!



Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly man wearing a blue military uniform walking along the Chatterton Road.

Some people believe the ghostly man may’ve once been an RAF serviceman from Biggin Hill as some of them were stationed in Chatterton Road.

In the late 1940s a ghostly man in uniform was also reported to haunt a house located in Widmore Road.

The young witness who saw his apparition described him as being clean shaven and having fair hair.

In the mid-1960s a young couple who lived in a house along Addison Road reported that their house was haunted by a ghostly woman dressed in black with evil intent.

Sudden temperature drops, strange loud banging and rumbling noises and the eerie sound of heavy breathing were all reported by a frightened Times reporter who stayed the night at the house.

During the late 1960s a handful of spooked witnesses reported seeing an apparition of a woman walking through the traffic along the Bromley Road.

They described her as wearing an old fashioned white blouse and long dark skirt.

Some people believe that she the ghost of an 18 year old girl who was tragically killed when her bike was hit by a horse and cart along the Bromley Road in 1898!

Haynes Lane was once said to be a haunted by the ghostly figure of a man.

Witnesses described his apparition as being forlorn-looking!

Over the years there have been many reports of a ghostly man dressed in black walking down Bromley’s High Street.

Witnesses describe him as being handsome but wearing very old fashioned black clothing probably from the 15th century.

During the 1950s Mason’s Hill got the reputation for being haunted by the ghost of a one-legged soldier!

It was reported that the ghostly soldier was once captured in a photograph of some old cottages that once were located on the hill.

Although the ghost was rarely seen he was often heard on quiet nights limping along the road!


Bromley United Services Club, Bromley

During the 1980s Bromley United Services Club got a reputation amongst its club members for being haunted…

You see, one day a club member got the shock of his life whilst using the toilet when he saw the ghostly apparition of an old sea captain!

The ghostly old sea captain hasn’t been seen in recent years.

The club building was built on the old site of St Margaret’s Hospital.

Some members believe the ghostly man has something to do with the hospital’s past rather than the past of the club!


The Old Drill Hall, Bromley

In the days when part of the Old Drill Hall was used by the Post Office to sort mail a member of staff reported that she would often feel like a ghostly hand had touched her on the shoulder.

The property was said to have been haunted by the spirit of a soldier who tragically died in a fight over a girl.

It’s said that one woman witnessed the ghostly soldier and she was so petrified that her hair turned white overnight!


Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Witnesses have seen a ghostly man sitting in seat B7 in the auditorium at the theatre.

They describe him as wearing a trilby hat.

In 1979 a photographer was taking some photos of the auditorium.

The front row seats had been removed to make way for some BBC cameras.

When the photographer developed his pictures he discovered in them a ghostly figure of a man shinning a torch in the direction where seat B7 should have been!

In the past, the seat was where the theatre critic H.B. Hampton would sit.

He remarked that he would often see a figure of a man standing out of the corner of his eye by seat B8 but when he turned to get a better look at him he would disappear into thin air!

The General Manager at the theatre has reported seeing the apparition of a woman on two separate occasions within the theatre.

The ghostly woman has been seen in the circle and by a nearby room.

The General Manager described her as being a middle-aged woman dressed in grey!


Shortlands, Bromley

In the late 1920s three people witnessed the ghostly apparition of a phantom highwayman riding his horse across the fields toward Kingswood Road.

The first people who saw him was a mother and her young daughter who were walking along Kingswood Road.

They reported that they saw the upper part of the horse with the rider perched on top wearing a tricorne hat.

And that the apparition made no noise as it hurtled pass them!

The ghostly rider was also witnessed by a coachman to the Wilson family who lived nearby.


London Biggin Hill Airport, Biggin Hill

One of the most well-known apparitions associated with Biggin Hill is that of the phantom Spitfire.

Most witnesses report hearing the distinctive sound of a Spitfire’s Merlin engines in the sky above them but never actually see the aircraft.

The sound of the ghostly aircraft is for some reason normally heard on or around the date of the 19th January!

People who are luckily enough to have seen the phantom aircraft say that the aircraft flies low towards the landing strip and then conducts a victory roll before disappearing into thin air.

In 1963, a delivery man was driving his van in the early hours of the morning near to Biggin Hill when he spotted a man beside the road flagging him down.

The man was dressed in flying gear.

As the driver approach the airman he disappeared into thin air!

Thinking that he may’ve knocked the airman down, he called the police.

After a detailed search of the area, the mysterious airman couldn’t be found anywhere.

The local policeman believed that the airman may’ve been the ghost of a Flight Lieutenant who tragically died a couple of decades earlier when his aircraft crashed in the vicinity!

In 1958, there was another ghostly sighting along a road near Biggin Hill.

A couple of friends saw a ghostly white figure come out of a hedge and cross the road ahead of them.

They were so scared that they fled the scene in terror!

In 1972, a terrified owner of a bungalow located near to Biggin Hill cemetery reported seeing ghostly apparition of an airman appear in her house.

Apparently the apparition was accompanied with a strange banging noise and other male voices!

She later found out that her house was built on the site of a Second World War recreation room which the RAF pilots used.

She believes the ghostly pilot and his colleagues may’ve been playing a game of darts… hence the strange banging noises!

A spooked witnessed reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a pilot standing on the side of the hill near to the open section of the airfield as he drove pass it one September night in 2011.

Thinking the pilot needed help he stopped his car, crossed the road and called out to him.

The ghostly figure ignored him, zipped up his flight suit, walked down the hill and disappeared into the night!

In the 1980s a group of NAAFI women were standing around having a chat in Vincent Square when they suddenly saw a group of ghostly women dressed in Auxiliary Air Force uniforms.

The NAAFI women reported that they could only make out the top half of the ghostly women’s bodies before they suddenly disappeared into thin air!

In 1995 a resident who lived on the caravan site at the redeveloped North Camp saw a uniformed man loitering near the back of some nearby houses.

When she went over to confront him, he disappeared into thin air right in front of her eyes!


Kelsey Park, Beckenham

One afternoon in 2010 a dog owner took his pet Border Collie to Kelsey Park to take some photos of it.

Whist taking the photos the dog started to act funny and then suddenly froze on the spot.

The owner thought nothing of it until he got home and checked out his photos.

In one of them there seem to be a ghostly figure standing near some bushes in the background.

The ghostly figure actually looked like a woman who’s wearing a Victorian style dress!

Which is weird because the park is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a Victorian woman who tragically drowned in one of the lakes.


St George’s Church, Beckenham

In the summer of 1997 a local man was taking a short cut through the church on his way home after a busy day’s work when he heard laughter coming from the path at the side of the church.

He followed the path around the rear of the church and saw a couple of young ladies up ahead talking and laughing together.

He described the women as wearing long gowns but could only see the top half of their torsos…

The bottom half of their dresses were just a misty form!

Without thinking he shouted out… Hello, how you doing?

The ghostly young ladies turned towards him, smiled and then looked at each other and carried on with their jolly conversation.

Then to his surprise, they just vanished into thin air!

The shocked man went to the spot where the young ladies were talking but couldn’t find any sign of them.


Downe Court Manor, Downe

The most often seen ghost at Downe Court is that of a young girl.

Witnesses describe her as being soaking wet in appearance and sobbing.

She normally appears to people in a certain bedroom by standing beside their bed and waking them up with her terrible sobbing.

It’s said that she’s the ghost of a little girl who once drowned in the old moat at the manor!

Another ghost seen at Downe Court is that of an elderly man.

His apparition is often seen by spooked witnesses in the barn.

On one occasion a young woman woke up in the middle of the night to find an apparition of a severed arm lying on her bed!

The house is also said to be haunted by a ghostly cavalier…

An apparition of his head and shoulders was seen by a rather spooked former owner.

There’s also an eerie spot on the stairwell where it’s said that a group of cavaliers once hanged a man!


Down House, Downe

The grounds of Down House are said to be haunted by the ghost of Charles Darwin himself.

His ghostly apparition has been seen walking along the Sandwalk deep in thought.

The Sandwalk was Charles Darwin’s ‘Thinking Path’ which he would love to stroll along.

Witnesses describe his apparition as being an eccentric looking elderly man with a long white beard and wearing a long black cape!


The Rookery, Downe

One night Mary was woken up by the sound of a fight taken place in the hall.

She got up and ran to the hall to see who was fighting but when she got there she found nobody about and no sign of a disturbance.

A couple of nights later she was again suddenly awoken, this time by the sound of smashing glass.

Again she went to investigated but found no signs of broken glass anywhere.

She later found out from a local woman that the house had always had a reputation for being haunted.

In fact, local legend said that the house was haunted by the ghosts of two young boys and a cavalier from the English Civil War period!


Kevington Hall, St Mary Cray

During the time the hall was being used as a school the caretaker’s wife would often remark on the ghosts at the property.

The most common ghost reported was that of an old lady dressed in white who would roam the hall’s corridors at night!

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly figure lurking in the woods near to Kevington Hall.

Some people think it may be the ghost of a German pilot who was killed when he crashed his plane in the woodlands during the Second World War!


The Chequers Pub, Bickley

The most famous ghost said to haunt the Chequers is that of the infamous 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin.

Local legend says that when he was alive Dick Turpin frequently visited the pub.

Spooked witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a young 18th century man sitting quietly in the corner of the bar.

They describe him as having dark hair and wearing a green velvet outfit with a large hat decorated with an extravagant plumed feather.

Some say that this ghostly figure is that of Dick Turpin himself!

Dick Turpin isn’t the only ghost that’s said to haunt the Chequers.

The upstairs of the pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of an 18th century lady whose phantom footsteps are heard rushing about the place.

The sound of doors slamming shut is also believed to be caused by this spirit!

Previous landlords and members of staff have reported all sorts of spooky events taking place whilst they were alone in the pub.

One former landlord was suddenly awoken in the middle of the night by something unseen vigorously shaking his bed.

In the 1960s the then landlord reported that a case of gin would often be mysteriously moved by somebody unknown in the middle of the night.

On one occasion it was tipped over resulting in a couple of the gin bottles being smashed!

Recently the barmaid at the Chequers had to stay the night in the pub’s spare bedroom due to bad weather.

She was woken in the early hours of the morning by the sound of jingling keys and footsteps outside her room.

She then felt cold air around her and somebody touched her hair and say ‘Who are you?’

Terrified she turned the bedroom light on only to find that she was totally alone!

On another occasion the assistant manageress had to stay overnight in the pub.

In the night she was constantly woken up by her bedroom door opening on its own accord and the sound of phantom footsteps walking outside her room.

She was so fed up with the door opening all the time that she propped her suitcase up against it.

Later in the night she was awoken again, this time by the sound of her suitcase falling over.

When she investigated she found the suitcase lying on its side with her bedroom door wide open!

Another ghost said to haunt the pub is of a French soldier called Bernard.

It’s said that he was knifed to death by robbers in a bedroom on the first floor of the pub.

Spooked staff members and customers alike have also reported seeing the ghostly silhouette of a man smoking his pipe at the end of the bar!


Hollywood East, Penge

Although it common knowledge amongst the locals that the Hollywood East pub is haunted, it’s not exactly known what spirit or spirits are responsible for the hauntings.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing glasses suddenly fly off the shelves by their own accord.

They strange thing was, the glasses never smashed when they hit the floor or a wall!

Suddenly temperature drops and objects being mysteriously moved were a common occurrence in the pub.

Some customers reported that they felt they were being watched by somebody unseen whilst others actually reported that they had been touched by somebody invisible!


The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

Local legend says that many years ago a young girl was brutally murdered near to the Pawleyne Arms.

And it’s now believed that her distressed ghost haunts the pub today!


Crystal Palace Tunnel, Crystal Palace

Local legend says that a track-maintenance worker was hit and tragically killed by a passing train whilst he was working in the Crystal Palace Tunnel.

It’s said he was decapitated during the accident.

And now his ghost wanders the tunnel looking for his head!

A couple of witnesses who’ve seen his ghostly apparition in the tunnel do report that his ghost seems to have no head.


Scadbury Manor, Chislehurst

Local legends say that the spirits of former members of the Walsingham family wander the site of Scadbury Manor today.

With its long and ancient history the area is a mecca for local paranormal investigation groups.

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing the eerie sound of horse’s hooves on cobbles, phantom footsteps, strange hissing noises and the smell of burning.

There was once a cobbled pathway which led to the manor house which could explain why people hear the eerie sound of horse’s hooves on cobbles.

And in the 1970s there was a Victorian house on the site which was totally destroyed by fire.

Which could explain why some witnesses smell burning at the Scadbury Manor site!


The Bickley, Chislehurst

In the 1980s the local press published that one of the rooms at the Bickley was haunted by the ghost of a White Lady.

The haunted room discussed was in fact Room 2.

Spooked witnesses have reported feeling sudden temperature drops and seeing ghostly shadows within the pub.

Many people believe that the White Lady ghost may actually be one of the ghosts that’s also said to haunt the nearby Chislehurst Caves!


The Queens Head, Chislehurst

Spooked customers and members of staff alike have reported seeing drink glasses suddenly fly off the bar top as though somebody invisible had flung them!

Many believe the ghostly goings-on are caused by the ghost of a former regular who sadly committed suicide by drowning himself in the pond next to the pub.


The Bo Peep, Chelsfield

The resident ghost at the Bo Peep is called Screaming Angie.

Legend says that Screaming Angie was a young girl who once lived at the property.

One day she was put in the cellar by her uncle as a punishment for misbehaving.

Unfortunately, she was forgotten about by her uncle which resulted in her tragic death!

Her ghost is now said to haunt the pub.

She’s been nicknamed Screaming Angie because on certain quiet nights an eerie screaming noise is sometimes heard echoing through the building.

Witnesses who’ve seen the ghost of Screaming Angie describe her as being a little girl of about five or six years of age who’s wearing a white dress.


Sundridge Park Manor, Bromley

Mysterious bangs and eerie noises have been reported by spooked witnesses at Sundridge Park Manor.

Ghostly apparitions of a man and a woman have also been seen.

Witnesses describe the female figure as wearing a white dress and carrying a lighted torch.

And the man as being dressed in dark clothing with a large brimmed hat!


Hayes Common, Bromley

In the late 1940s a couple of men were driving home one night along the Croydon Road in their Morris 6 when all of a sudden a ghostly figure appeared in front of them just as they reached the junction at Hartfield Road.

Both men saw the ghostly figure describing it as being a woman dressed in a long white flowing dress.

Apparently, she floated from one side of the road to the other and then disappeared into the night’s air!

In the early 1980s another ghostly white figure was witnessed by a father and his daughter as they drove along the Five Elms Road late one night.

They both saw the ghostly figure this time describing it as being an apparition of a man.

Unfortunately the father didn’t have time to stop his car and drove straight through the ghost!


The White Swan, St Mary Cray

Some people say the White Swan has a resident poltergeist!

A former owner was stunned one day when a pewter beer mug flew off a shelf and hit him squarely in the back.

Many believe that the poltergeist is responsible for the glasses and beer mugs falling off the shelves by their own accord.

The White Swan punters have even given the poltergeist a nickname…

They call him Jack!

Although nobody really knows for sure whose spirit the poltergeist is, some say it may be that of an old man who sadly committed suicide at the pub by hanging himself in the cellar.

A relative of the former owner once saw a ghostly figure walking through the bottom bar of the White Swan.

Although his relative seems to be in a minority as most witnesses only catch a glimpse of the apparition out of the corner of their eye!


The Swan, West Wickham

In the early 1980s the local press reported that the new owners of the Swan believed that the pub had a residential ghost.

The ghost was said to be friendly and they named him Geoffrey.

Eerie banging noises, phantom footsteps and doors opening on their own accord were all put down to Geoffrey wandering around the property at night.

It’s believed that Geoffrey is the spirit of a former landlord who sadly committed suicide by hanging himself!


St John the Baptist Church, West Wickham

Whilst walking home one night a local woman reported that she saw a ghostly figure close to the outer perimeter wall of St John’s Church.

She described the ghostly figure as being a woman dressed in white clothing!

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