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3 Haunted Places in Maidstone

| On 05, Aug 2017

Leeds Castle

The main haunting at Leeds Castle isn’t by a ghost of one of its historical residents but in fact by a large black dog.

This ghostly hellhound is said to have been haunting the castle since the 15th century!

It’s said not to only haunt the castle but also the local lanes in the countryside around it.

Legend says that if you look into the eyes of the phantom dog something terrible will happen to you.

Residents of Leeds Castle have reported in the past of seeing a ghostly black dog which was seen to vanish through walls…

But this ghostly dog was described as a black Labrador and not the legendary hellhound!

The apparitions of two more dogs have been seen by witnesses more recently at the castle.

They’re described as a small white dog and a much larger dark dog.

Many believe these ghostly dogs were the pets of Lady Baillie who owned a little white terrier called Smudge and a Great Dane called Boots!

In 1450 the Duchess of Gloucester was imprisoned at the castle for practising witchcraft.

She was even given the nickname of the Wicked Duchess!

In the distant past, terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly woman gliding along the corridors of the castle…

Apparently this ghostly woman resembled none other than the Wicked Duchess herself!

Another female phantom seen at the castle is of a woman in a long flowing dress who’s brushing her hair.

Her ghost is often seen in the grounds of the castle and in the Queen’s Room.

Nobody knows exactly who this ghostly lady is but some have put forward the theory that she was the wife of the old Lord Fairfax!


Holy Trinity Church

Along Church Street in Maidstone you’ll find an impressive looking Victorian church which was once the Holy Trinity Church.

The Holy Trinity was declared redundant in the late 1960s with the building being converted into office accommodation called Trinity Foyer.

The churchyard was partially cleared and turned into Trinity Park.

In the 1970s a young woman was walking her dog through the disused churchyard when she suddenly saw the apparitions of three young women dressed in Victorian clothing floating across the churchyard.

They headed towards the edge of the churchyard where they disappeared into thin air.

The young woman headed to the spot where the Victorian women disappeared and found a large flat memorial stone in the ground.

The inscription on the stone told the sad story of a Victorian vicar whose three daughters had all died in the same week of scarlet fever!

Apparently the ghostly Victorian women make an appearance every year in the month of July.


Blue Bell Hill

Many motorists driving along the A229 have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young woman hitching a lift on the hill.

Apparently she is very lifelike…

Some motorists offer her a lift and are shocked when she later disappears into thin air after climbing into their cars.

And on some occasions she has suddenly ran out in front of their cars resulting in her being run over!

Convince that they’ve been involved in a serious accident many of the motorists ring the police only to be stumped when they can’t find any evidence of her when the police arrive.

Some people believe that she’s the spirit of a twenty year old murder victim from 1916 called Emily Trigg.

Whilst others believe she’s the ghost of a bride-to-be who was killed in a tragic car accident on the hill in 1965.

The ghostly legend of the Blue Bell Hill get a little bit more complicated because other motorist have also reported seeing a ghostly woman on the side of the road but this time she’s a vile looking old hag!

Maybe the hill is haunted by two ghostly women?

Some believe the old hag ghost is the spirit of a local reclusive woman who once lived in the area and was often seen roaming the nearby woods at night.

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