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3 Haunted Places in Rochford

3 Haunted Places in Rochford

| On 16, Jun 2017

The Marlborough Head Inn, Rochford

Rochford is famous for having a lot of pubs in such a small area… it’s great for pub crawls!

A desperate manager of one of these watering holes called in a paranormal investigation group to check his pub out.

You see, himself and his members of staff had been encountering a lot of disturbing paranormal activity within their pub.

His pub, the Marlborough Head Inn situated in Rochford’s West Street was experiencing cold spots in the bar area, heavy phantom footsteps and unexplained crashes and bangs coming from an empty upstairs room!


Old House, Rochford

Along Rochford’s South Street there’s a Grade I listed building belonging to Rochford District Council called the Old House.

The timber framed Main Hall part of the Old House dates back to the 13th century!

The locals say that this house is haunted, very haunted…

In fact, it’s rumoured that there may be up to six ghosts in Rochford’s Old House.

A paranormal investigation which was covered by the local rag claimed that the spirits in the Old House are a Puritan woman, an Edwardian child, a maid, a medieval man and a little Victorian girl!

The Chief Executive office seems to have a residential ghost all of its own…

The spirit is said to be that of an elderly man who likes to sit in one of the chairs.

He’s been witnessed in the office by terrified cleaning staff and the Chief Executive himself!

Rochford Hall

Rochford Hall, Rochford

Rochford Hall is a splendid privately owned red-brick manor house which dates back to 1216.

Although what you see today at Rochford Hall is mainly 16th century architecture.

Back in 1515 Rochford Hall was owned by a very famous family in English history… the Boleyns!

Rochford Hall belonged to Sir Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn who married King Henry VIII and became Queen in 1533…

This wasn’t too fortunate for Anne, as Henry had her beheaded in 1536 for adultery, incest and treason!

Although Anne was executed at the Tower of London, locals say that her ghost haunts Rochford Hall to this very day due to the fact that she spent a lot of her childhood there.

Legend says that her nursery walls and floor turned red with blood after her execution!

It’s said that twelve days after Christmas a ghostly apparition of a decapitated woman in white can be seen wandering around the grounds of Rochford Hall.

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