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3 Haunted Places in Southampton

| On 21, Aug 2017

Bitterne Manor, Southampton

There’s a dual carriageway which goes through Bitterne Manor.

The road has a distinct bend in it where motorist have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of Roman legionnaires.

Some motorists have witnessed only single Roman soldiers whilst others have reported seeing groups of them.

They say the ghostly Romans cross the road oblivious to the modern day traffic!

In the early 1980s a local bank manager driving along the dual carriageway saw an apparition of a Roman soldier crossing the road on the bend in front of him.

He described the ghostly soldier as being cut off at the knees and wearing a short tunic with a helmet.

The ghostly figure disappeared into thin air when he reached the centre of the dual carriageway!


The Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton

During the Second World War the house was being used as a brothel.

Later in the 1950s an amateur dramatics group then hire the building to use as their rehearsal rooms, workshop and store.

One night, a group of their members decided to hold a séance within the building.

They contacted the spirit of a former prostitute of the house who’d been murdered by a sailor.

And it’s her ghost that’s said to haunt the Medieval Merchant’s House today.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen in one of the bedrooms and disappearing through an old bricked up doorway.

Spooked witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly female figure in a dirty dress standing at the bottom of their beds in the middle of the night.

A heavy door in the Medieval Merchant’s House has been known open and close on its own accord.

And visitors to the house have reported being pushed in the back by someone unseen and hearing phantom footsteps on the wooden stairs!


The Tudor House and Garden, Southampton

Tudor House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn who once was a guest at the house.

Paranormal investigators have also reported seeing ghostly figures disappearing through bricked up doorways and hearing weird scraping noises, phantom footsteps and the sound of a bell ringing.

There’s said to be a presence in the Green Room.

And spooked visitors have reported being touched by something unseen and capturing strange orbs on their cameras in the upper floor’s Georgian room.

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