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6 Haunted Places in Poole

| On 28, Oct 2017

Scaplen’s Court

You’ll find Scaplen’s Court located along Sarum Street.

The Grade I listed house dates back to the 15th century when it started life out as a house of a rich merchant.

Today, it’s run as a museum and educational centre.

In 1598 a maidservant called Agnes Beard was murdered in the house together with her mistress Alice Green and her two dogs.

The ghost of Agnes Beard is now said to haunt Scaplen’s Court.

Spooked witnesses who’ve seen Agnes’ ghost describe her as wearing an apron.

Apparently she walks from the old buttery across the courtyard and up the stairs.

A ghost of a man with a white beard dressed in a cloak has also been seen in the house.

Members of staff at the museum have heard a phantom dog barking.

Maybe it’s the ghost of one of the little dogs which were killed during the double murder of Agnes and her mistress!


Custom House

You’ll find Custom House situated on Poole Quay.

The Georgian Grade II* listed building dates back to 1813.

The top floor of the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a smuggler called Carter.

He was murdered by his fellow smugglers after they discovered that he’d sold some of them out to the authorities.

The building and the area out front are also said to be haunted by the ghost of a customs man called Captain Johnson.

Local legend says his ghost still patrols the quay looking for illegal contraband and activity.

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man dressed in a wide-brimmed hat and a dark coat hovering by the quayside.

Once he’s spotted and approached, he simply turns and vanishes into thin air!


The Old Seaman’s Mission

You’ll find Poole’s old Seaman’s Mission located at the end of Castle Street where it meets the Quay.

Today the building is home to a café restaurant but for many years it was used as a missionary chapel and a place for local seaman to live.

The building is reputed to be haunted.

People have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking about the upper floor of the building as well as the sound of somebody coughing.

Witnesses have also seen the ghostly apparition of an old man sitting in a chair.

They describe him as having a long grey beard and wearing a cloth cap.


The Guildhall

You’ll find Poole’s Guildhall situated on Market Street in the heart of the old town.

The Grade II* listed building dates back to 1761.

Over the years it’s been used as a court of record, a magistrate’s court, court of admiralty, a venue for quarter sessions, a temporary parish church, a canteen, a meeting room for Second World War American soldiers prior to the invasion of France, a teaching room and a museum.

The Guildhall is also said to be haunted.

Witnesses have reported seeing the apparitions of ghostly soldiers wandering about the building as well as smelling the odour of food cooking and hearing somebody playing a non-existent piano.

These paranormal activities may have something to do with the time it was used during the Second World War by the American Army.

Phantom footsteps have also been heard walking around the upper floors of the building.

Some say they are created by the ghost of a former town clerk who sadly committed suicide due to depression.


Jolliffe House

You’ll find Jolliffe House situated in West Street.

The Grade II listed building dates back to 1712 when it was first built by the seafarer Captain Peter Jolliffe.

Today, the house has been converted into offices but cleaning staff have reported strange things happening within it late at night.

Lights would turn themselves on and off by their own accord and doors would suddenly bang shut.

Eerie creaks, mysterious handprints and phantom footsteps climbing the stairs have also been reported by cleaning staff.

Members of staff believe that it’s the spirit of Captain Peter Jolliffe who’s responsible for the paranormal activity happening within the building.


The United Reformed Church

You’ll find the United Reformed Church situated on Skinner Street.

The Grade II* listed building is the oldest church in the town.

The present Georgian building only dates back to 1777 but the original chapel was built in 1662.

Some people who’ve passed by the church around midnight have reported seeing it emanate a strange orange-yellow light which only last for a short period of time.

A few years ago, a local reporter visited the church as he was going to write a story about its history.

After visiting it he wrote a draft story about the magnificent brass lamps and old-fashioned high pews he found in the church.

Just before he published his story he re-visited the church and was shocked to find that it now had modern fittings and fixture.

Confused, he asked the vicar what happened to the old pews and lamps he’s witnessed on his last visit.

The vicar told him that the décor that he was describing was in the church about a hundred years ago!

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