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Haunted: Potsford Wood, Wickham Market, Suffolk

Haunted: Potsford Wood, Wickham Market, Suffolk

| On 26, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of Potsford Wood

Just west of Wickham Market along the B1078 is a spooky wooded area called Potsford Wood.

Potsford Wood is infamous in this part of Suffolk for having the remains of a 17th century gibbet within it.

If you visit the wood you’ll find the old gibbet marked with a plaque.

Upon the plaque you’ll find these words…





So what’s the story behind the last man to be hung at the gibbet?

Well, back in 1690s there was a double murder at the water mill in Letheringham.

The miller, John Bullard and his son were working on their accounts at the mill when their servant Jonah Snell attacked them…

He brutally killed them in cold blood with an axe!

He then hung their blood drenched bodies from a wooden beam within the water mill.

Jonah was arrested shortly afterwards… he still had the bloodied axe in his possession!

Subsequently, he was hanged at Potsford Wood on the 14th April 1699.

His corpse was displayed in an iron-cage gibbet in the wood as a deterrent.

Today, Potsford Wood is said to be a very active place for paranormal activity…

People driving pass the woods often report seeing mysterious lights hovering near the gibbet.

In the 1980s, a desperate lorry driver stopped for a call of nature at the woods.

Curiosity led him to read the gibbet plaque which subsequently led him to get one of the biggest shocks of his life.

He suddenly felt an icy tap on his shoulder, quickly turning around he came face to face with skeletal figure in a dark hooded robe.

As you can imagine, he didn’t stick around too long!

This skeletal ghostly figure is a common apparition seen by terrified witnesses at Potsford Woods.

In 1997, a young couple’s car unfortunately broke down late at night right next to the woods…

Whilst they were checking over their car, they heard an eerie moaning noise coming from the direction of the gibbet.

This is when they both witnessed a black shapeless apparition hovering within the wood staring at them!

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