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Haunted: The Premier Inn Chingford Hotel (Royal Forest Hotel), Chingford, London

| On 07, Jun 2017

The Haunted Premier Inn Chingford Hotel (Royal Forest Hotel)

8 Ranger’s Road, London E4 7QH

You’ll find the Premier Inn Chingford Hotel along Ranger’s Road in Chingford.

The hotel was formerly called the Royal Forest Hotel.

It dates back to 1890 when it was first built for Londoners visiting Epping Forest after the forest was opened up to the public in 1882.

In 1912 a fire swept through the hotel killing two guests and a fireman on the top floor.

It’s now said that the ghost of one of the guests who tragically died in the hotel fire haunts it today…

Paranormal activity such as lights and cookers turning themselves on even without any electric supply has been reported at the hotel.

A member of staff who once lived upstairs moved out of his bedroom because he felt somebody invisible sit on the bottom of his bed in the middle of the night.

The hotel’s ghost is referred to as Mary.

On one occasion two members of staff were in the cellar changing barrels and as they did so they chatted about the ghost.

When one of them mentioned the name Mary a bottle of wine flew across the room and smashed on the floor!

Apparently, a photograph was once taken of the hotel which showed the ghostly face of a woman peering out of one of its windows.

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