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9 Haunted Pubs in Berkshire

| On 04, Sep 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

If I can take you back to 2001 to the first series of Most Haunted you may remember the team visited a pub in Colnbrook called the Ostrich Inn.

Back in 1106, a coaching inn called the Hospice was founded by Milo Crispin in Colnbrook which later became the Ostrich Inn…

It’s believed that the inn is the third oldest in England!

The Most Haunted team investigated the inn because it’s said to be very haunted.

Back in the 17th century an evil man called Jarman was the landlord at the inn.

He installed a trap door in the bedroom directly above the kitchen with two intentions… robbery and murder!

He secured the bedstead and mattress tightly together and attached them to the trap door.

His wealthier guests staying in that bedroom would never see the next day again.

You see, he would creep into the bedroom in the early hours of the morning, tip up the bed and dispatch his sleeping guest through the trap door into a boiling cauldron of fat in the kitchen below.

Apparently he murdered up to sixty of his guests in this way.

You’ll be please to know that crime doesn’t pay…

Jarman and his wife were later hung for robbery and murder!

Well, you probably can see why a lot of paranormal activity has been reported at the Ostrich Inn…

Sudden temperature drops, strange noises and objects moving on their own accord have all been reported at the inn.

Ghostly figures have also been seen by terrified witness especially that of a Victorian lady who often seen in the upstairs corridor of the inn.

It’s said that the Jarman murders were the basis to the Sweeny Todd story.

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The Old Manor, Bracknell

You’ll find the Old Manor situated on Grenville Place in Bracknell.

The Grade II listed building dates back to the early 15th century when it first started life out as a hall house.

The building is one of the oldest in the town.

It remained a private residence until the 1930s and was later turned into a pub.

The Old Manor is said to be haunted by two ghosts…

The first is the ghost of a hooded priest who it’s believed once hid in the building’s priest hole.

The hooded priest ghost has been nicknamed Fred.

The other ghost said to haunt the premises is that of a former regular called Bert.

Witnesses describe Bert’s apparition as having a red face and handlebar moustache!


The Royal Stag, Datchet

You’ll find the Royal Stag pub situated on the B470 overlooking the Green in the village of Datchet.

Although the pub has a 19th century façade, the Grade II listed building actually dates back to the 15th century.

It’s believed to be one of the oldest buildings in the village.

Due to its close proximity to the church, the pub was originally called the Five Bells.

It became the Royal Stag in 1796.

From the 1970s onwards the pub gained a reputation for being haunted…

It’s said that a child’s ghostly hand print appears on a window pane of a window located on the left hand side on the ground floor of the pub.

Local legend says the spooky hand print belongs to the ghost of a young boy who froze to death in the nearby churchyard whilst waiting for his father!


The Queen’s Oak, Finchampstead

You’ll find the Queen’s Oak situated along Church Lane in the village of Finchampstead.

The Grade II listed pub dates back to the early part of the 17th century when it started life out as a private cottage.

The pub was originally called the White Horse until Queen Victoria planted an oak tree on the village square.

From then on, the pub changed its name to the Queen’s Oak.

The pub is said to have a resident ghost…

The apparition of a ghostly old lady has been witnessed in the bar area sitting on a stool.

She’s been describe as being very happy looking with a big smile on her face!

Her ghost is believed to come from the era when the pub was a cottage.


The White Hart, Holyport

You’ll find the White Hart pub on Moneyrow Green in the village of Holyport.

The country pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who’s been seen with a small boy.

The couple are described as wearing grey clothing from the 1920s era.

It’s said that before they manifest the witness hears the sound of knocking and phantom footsteps on the pub’s stairs.

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sounds of a phantom horse galloping and whinnying outside the pub.

The phantom horse is believed to be the ghost of a racehorse called Kaiser that died in an accident outside the pub in early 1900s.


The Maiden’s Head, Maidenhead

You’ll find the Maiden’s Head pub situated along Maidenhead’s High Street.

For many years the pub was called the Hobgoblin.

And it was during this time that it gained a reputation for being haunted.

The pub was said to be haunted by a fun loving ghost called Bob.

He was blamed for turning the beer pumps and lights on and off, moving coats, hiding objects and then returning them and on one occasion moving the counters during a game of Trivial Pursuit!

His phantom footsteps and glasses clinking have been heard coming from the empty bar after hours.

And he’s been known to lock people in the bathroom even though the door hasn’t got a lock and key!

On a couple of occasions the barman was struck by a pen lid and a paper clip on the back of his head when he was alone in the bar.


The Catherine Wheel, Newbury

You’ll find the historic Catherine Wheel pub along Cheap Street in Newbury.

The Grade II listed former coaching inn dates back to 1761.

The pub is reputed to be haunted.

In 2011 the pub’s CCTV system recorded two glasses falling from a cabinet on their own accord.

The first glass fell in front of the shocked manageress and as she bent down to pick it up the second glass flew from the cabinet and hit her on the hand!

Spooked members of staff have reported seeing orbs and having their hair pulled by something unseen.

Locked doors would mysteriously unlock themselves and objects would move around by their own accord.


The Little Angel, Remenham

You’ll find the historic Little Angel pub along Remenham Lane in the village of Remenham.

The Grade II listed pub dates back to the 18th century.

The Little Angel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mary Blandy who was hanged in 1752 in Oxford for poisoning her father because he didn’t approve of her seeing a married man.

After she’d murdered her father she fled to the Little Angel where she was friends with the landlady.

Eventually the authorities caught up with Mary and arrested her.

Her ghost is now said to haunt the upstairs of the Little Angel slammed doors and making eerie knocking sounds!


The New Leathern Bottle, Warfield

You’ll find the New Leathern Bottle along the A3095 in the village of Jealotts Hill.

The Grade II listed pub dates back to the 17th century when it started life out as a private house.

The New Leathern Bottle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Hannah Carey and her abusive husband.

About a hundred and fifty years ago Hannah and her husband were the landlady and landlord of the pub.

Hannah was having an affair and her husband found out.

In a jealous rage he beat her so savagely that she died from her injures a month later.

He was arrested by the authorities and hung for murder.

Both their ghosts are now said to haunt the New Leathern Bottle.

With phantom weeping coming from Hannah’s ghost and profanities from her husband’s ghost!