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5 Haunted Pubs in Cornwall

| On 20, Apr 2017

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The Finnygook Inn, Crafthole

In the middle of the little Cornish village of Crafthole you’ll find the 15th century Finnygook Inn.

In the 18th century the old coaching inn was the drinking hole for the notorious smuggler Silas Finny.

Gook is the Cornish word for ghost.

And it’s now said that the ghost of Silas Finny haunts the inn.

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The Ship Inn, Mousehole

On South Cliff overlooking the harbour in the pretty traditional fishing village of Mousehole you’ll find the Ship Inn.

The Ship has a reputation for being haunted…

A terrified witness saw a ghostly apparition of a man staggering along the hotel’s corridor as though he was on board a ship at sea.

A punter who was drinking with his friends was stunned to see his pint and mobile phone move across the table own their own accord!

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The Dolphin Tavern, Penzance

Along Quay Street in Penzance is the historic Dolphin Tavern.

The granite inn dates back five centuries and with such a long history it’s no wonder some say it’s haunted…

An old sea captain nicknamed George is said to haunt the upstairs bedrooms and corridors.

Witnesses have described his ghostly apparition as wearing a tri-cornered hat and a rather splendid jacket.

Back in his time, poor George was said to have been hung for a petty crime.

Startled guests have witnessed the ghostly apparition of a Victorian lady materialise and walk across the main bar and disappear through the stone wall.

The final ghost to show himself at the Dolphin is of a young fair-haired man.

He’s known to appear in the landlord’s bedroom in the middle of the night either sitting on or standing by the bed.

Nobody knows who exactly he is!

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The Weary Friar, Pillaton

Next to the church of St Odulphus in the middle of the village of Pillaton is the Weary Friar.

The Weary Friar is an old inn which dates back to the 12th century.

The inn is said to be haunted by a ghostly friar who has been seen by scared witnesses on the pub’s staircase!

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The King’s Head, Five Lanes

You’ll find the King’s Head Hotel situated on Cross Lanes in the middle of the village of Five Lanes.

The Grade II listed hotel dates back to 1623.

It’s said that the building was occupied by both Roundheads and Cavaliers during the English Civil War of 1642.

In the mid-17th century the pub was used as a posting stage for coaches but it was often frequented by smugglers and shadowy characters.

The King’s Head Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former landlady called Peggy Bray who comes back to see if her pub is being run correctly!

Her ghost has been heard walking along the corridor on the first floor.

Some guests have reported that they feel a chill near the doorway half way along the corridor where Peggy is said to walk.

The apparition of a ghostly girl has been seen in the bar area.

Apparently, she looks so life like that many people think she’s a real life person until she suddenly disappears into thin air!

Many guests staying in Room 3 have reported hearing an eerie tapping on the bedroom’s window.

But when they investigated they can’t find the cause of it!

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