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3 Haunted Pubs in Ipswich

| On 29, Jun 2017

The Woolpack Inn, Ipswich

There’s an old 16th century smuggler’s pub called the Woolpack Inn situated in Tuddenham Road…

A spirit called Old Grog who’s believed to be the ghost of Admiral Vernon is said to haunt the pub.

The Admiral is not the only ghost to haunt the old inn.

The pub’s chief got the fright of his life one night when he witnessed a grey shadow walk through his bedroom!


The County of Suffolk, Ipswich

The cellar and the upstairs to the County of Suffolk pub in St Helen’s Street is said to be haunted…

Which is no surprise really as opposite was once the site for public hangings!


The Halberd Inn, Ipswich

In Northgate Street there’s an Irish theme pub which at one time was known as the Halberd Inn.

It’s said that if you place your ear to the pub’s walls you can hear the sound of a human heart beating!

Phantom footsteps, eerie shadows, unexplained smashed glasses and heavy beer barrels being mysteriously moved are just some of the paranormal activity to be reported from the pub.

Locals say that the spirit of a monk who was murdered in the pub now haunts it today.

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