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Haunted: The Queen’s Head, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

| On 15, Jul 2017


The Hauntings at the Queen’s Head

You’ll find the Queen’s Head pub along Woburn Street in the centre of the town.

The 18th century pub has a reputation for being haunted…

Ghostly shadows have been seen in the Lounge Bar of the pub.

And on one occasion a barmaid had her legs slapped by something unseen whilst working behind the bar!

Both the upstairs and downstairs corridors are said to have a presence…

Suddenly temperature drops, high and variable EMF readings and phantom footsteps have all been reported to take place along the corridors.

Some people believe it’s the spirit of a former landlord who creates the paranormal activity!

The landlord’s son took a snap using his smart phone of the corner of bar area where his pet dog tends to like to stare and bark at…

He was surprised to discover that he’d captured an image of a 17th century gentleman!

Although the pub’s kitchen has seen some poltergeist activity the landlord feels that the ghosts at the Queen’s Head are mainly friendly.

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FEATURED HAUNTED HOTEL: The Queen Hotel, Chester

The Queen Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

She’s said to haunt the area of a former nursery which was once situated on the second floor of the hotel.

Women guests have reported the little girl ghost has sneaked up behind them and pulled their hair before making her escape!

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