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Haunted: RAF Thurleigh, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire

| On 17, Jul 2017

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The Hauntings at RAF Thurleigh

RAF Thurleigh was built in 1940 for RAF Bomber Command on farmland just north of the village.

The airfield was first used by No. 160 Squadron RAF and No. 18 Operational Training Unit RAF.

In 1942 it became home to the 306th Bombardment Group of the United States American Air Force.

By the Baptist Church in Thurleigh there’s a road which heads north out of the village towards the airfield called Keysoe Road.

Keysoe Road has a few ghostly tales to tell…

You see, at one time it was home to the administrative quarters used by the 306th Bombardment Group of the US Air Force and then later it was used as an RAF officers’ mess.

This officers’ mess soon got a reputation for being haunted by American airman who died during the Second World War.

Spooked residents of the mess would often report phantom footsteps walking around the building in the middle of the night.

As well as bedroom doors mysteriously opening on their own accord!

The airfield itself is also said to be haunted…

In 1946 the site became the Royal Aeronautical Establishment, Bedford.

RAE Bedford was regularly patrolled by Ministry of Defence policemen who would often witnessed some eerie things.

One of the old huts had a reputation for being haunted amongst the MOD policemen.

They would often see a light on in the hut with what looked like wartime American aircrew playing cards in it.

Upon further investigation the hut would plunge into darkness and the building would turn out to be empty!

In the half-light of one evening a policeman saw a man riding a bicycle on the taxiway heading towards a hanger.

The policeman decided to cut him off and ask what he was doing on the site.

But to policeman’s surprise the the man just disappeared into thin air.

Many believed that the ghostly cyclist is the spirit of an airman who actually survived all his deadly wartime missions…

But he was psychologically affected by the war resulting in him sadly shooting himself dead behind one of the hangers!

In the 1980s, one of the workers at the Electronic Training School would often smell bacon and eggs being fried in the early morning when he crossed the car park near to the school.

He could never work out who was cooking the breakfast until he later discovered that during the war the car park area was the site of mess tents where bacon and eggs were served to hunger American ground crews!

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