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Haunted: RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk

| On 26, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of RAF Woodbridge

In 1943, the airfield at Woodbridge was originally set up as a place for returning crippled bombers to make an emergency landing after returning from bombing raids over Germany.

It’s said that during the war years over 4,200 aircraft had made emergency landings at RAF Woodbridge!

As you can imagine, there was probably a few tragedies at the airfield from crash landings involving stricken aircraft.

Due to the war time history of RAF Woodbridge, you won’t be too surprised to discover that there are rumours that quite a few ex-service personnel haunt the base.

Strangely enough, the RAF bar is said to be haunted not by an ex-serviceman by a ghostly apparition of an old white haired woman in a night-shirt who’s been seen standing in the corner of the bar.

During the Cold War RAF Woodbridge was a US Air Force base and many USAF aircrew witnessed a ghostly apparition of a German airman they eventually nicknamed East End Charlie.

It said that East End Charlie was a German pilot during the Second World War who crash landed his stricken aircraft at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge.

His ghost is often seen by terrified witnesses at the east end area of the runway to this very day!

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