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Haunted: The Rectory, Polstead, Suffolk

| On 26, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Polstead Rectory

A couple of ghostly encounters have been reported at the 16th century Grade II listed rectory on Rectory Hill in Polstead.

A ghostly monk has been seen by terrified witnesses in the back garden of the old rectory.

Sometimes he’s seen walking across the nearby fields and disappearing into thin air when he reaches a neighbouring house.

The young children of the previous rectors have reported seeing phantom children playing under the trees in the rectory’s grounds.

Paranormal activity has been reported inside the rectory building itself by past rectors who believed that the house was very haunted…

In fact a couple of them were driven from the building because of the ghostly goings-on which took place there.

One of the rector’s wife reported that she actually felt like something unearthly was trying to strangle her!

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